Best gloves to prevent blisters?

onward-upwardMarch 7, 2010

I was using a garden hoe today with some basic all leather gloves and tonight I find some blisters on the inside of my thumbs (ouch). At times I encountered some roots and brought my tool from the top down to cut the roots. A motion like those contests where those loggermen compete to see which one can cut a log in half faster.

My palms are blister free though. The blisters popped during my working, though.

What kind of gloves do those guys use?

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Was the gloves loose on your hands?.

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Yes. They were loose.

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masiman(z7 VA)

Blisters are caused by rubbing. I think a tighter fitting glove would help some. Or you could try some things that hikers do for their feet:

1) Wear a liner glove. The liner glove should fit snuggly and be slippery. The outer glove will slide along the surface of the liner and reduce the friction and rubbing on your skin

2) Apply moleskin before or when a hotspot appears. Moleskin does pretty much the same thing as a liner but can be used over multiple days and selectively applied. That fuzzy outer surface provides a slick layer to that the outer layer can slide instead of grabbing the skin

3) Change your hand position so that your thumb does not wrap around opposing your fingers. Wrap your thumb in the same direction as your fingers around the tool whenever possible. This will reduce the amount of rubbing you get from the handle.

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Thanks. I never heard of using a liner glove. What fabric should the liner glove be?

Also, if I go with a tight fitting glove only. What fabric?

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masiman(z7 VA)

Pop in thin liner glove in Google and plenty of them pop up.

For me the liner sounds too bulky of a solution. If I were doing it, I'd try the grip mod and moleskin solutions before the liner glove.

I get blisters in the same spot every spring. I have a couple digging jobs and I feel a little burn but I don't stop to take care of it. They rip every time and I tell myself I'll be more aware next time. 20 years on and I'm still getting the same blisters :).

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Onward : As Mas has indicated a tighter fitting Glove will reduce the chance of friction causing you your sore hands. I have used snug fitting leather gloves with a light thinsulate lining which allows air circulation to reduce sweating but also allow some movement between the leather and inner lining as Mas has recommended. I replace these gloves every 3-5 yrs since I routinely use them while splitting and cutting wood .

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