Improbably rooted cuttings...Woohoo!

mirendajean(Donegal, Ireland)April 25, 2014

Hey ya'll. it's been a good while since I've posted. I did some "Lets just see what happens" rose propagation last year. When I tried, excitedly, to share my results with my partner...let's just say he was underwhelmed. I moved onto my BF, explaining that I did everything "wrong" and still ended up with nice results...she listened kindly and said "That's nice." So I'm sharing with you, my fellow Roseaholics.

Last year, on a lark, I took a tiny twig left over from summer pruning and popped it into a 4oz kid's juice bottle full of compost. I was just curious to see if the tiny thing would root. At the same time I picked up a 4 1/2" cane (I don't know which rose it came from) I'd found in the garden after a storm. I also popped that into a tiny juice bottle but I just used garden clay.

The little juice bottle I used....

I put the first, tiny, cane on my kitchen window sill. I was excited last fall when I realised that the tiny twig rooted and flourished on my damp kitchen windowsill.

I listened to advice from you guys and left it alone for a good long while. It happily overwintered in its little bottle on my windowsill. I repotted the "Twig" couple of months ago (I apologise, I couldn't get a focused pic)

I put the 2nd, storm cane in a small two tier garden greenhouse....then I promptly forgot about it. Thankfully, we had an abnormally mild winter. A week ago I found the little cane on the ground underneath the bottom tier of the greenhouse. It spent the winter/spring deprived of sun, absorbing what moisture it could, dejectedly laying half out of its yellow bottle.

When I guiltily picked up the cane the bottle fell off and I saw this...

I think the heavy, boggy clay is the only reason moisture was retained. I used an old soup container to pot it up. It's been given a nice, sunny spot in the garden.

I'm really, really happy with this result.

My other cuttings are healthily fairing well. Most started out in used, plastic soup containers. Here's pics of a few...

Thanks for letting me share!


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cristi(7b West Texas)

YEAH!!! So excited for you!!

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toolbelt68 (7)(7)

Dang, I'm good at planting and forgetting so maybe I can get some cuttings to grow. I agree with cristi, I'm excited for you!!

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charleney(8a PNW)

I am tickled. I think, more often than not, that forgetting about them is a good thing.
I forgot rose cuttings in a translucent white plastic shopping bag, behind some garden tools (shaded). They grew! I never had much luck with other cuttings, that I worried about! Good Job!

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seil zone 6b MI

Congratulations! I've found sometimes the plant and forget method works the best, lol! They all look splendid!

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

I love the hand in the first photo. That is a real gardener's hand.

Congratulations on the beautiful babies.

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sandandsun(9a FL)

One of my favorite parts is that now you've definitely got own root roses!

Sylvester said he thought he saw a bud - a real tweet little bud.


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I love these photos. Keep us posted.

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mirendajean(Donegal, Ireland)

Thank you! That's the fun, understanding reaction I've been looking for. You guys are feb. :-)

I'd totally forgotten that I had a similar situation last May. While spring tidying the flower beds I'd discovered rose leaves peeking out of some leafmould. Apparently I'd tossed a long cane behind the bed and it's rooted over the winter. Here's its pic from May 13...

Here's pics I took today...

Ignoring and forgetting cuttings must be my special talent. :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Last years post about my surprise rooted cutting.

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

Congratulations. That is something I have yet to make happen. Mine have all died. The trade off is that I have magic sucker dust in my soil. I nurse sucker children to maturity. This spring I have added a new Earth Song plant.

You've got me inspired to try some cuttings again this spring!

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