?? Questions about Leonardo Compact Leopard's Bane

brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)April 15, 2014

Questions about Leonardo Compact Leopard's Bane?

Just picked this up on clearance in quart size for $3.ÃÂ Didn't notice it said part shade until I got it home.ÃÂ My questions are:

1- Since my garden gets direct sun from the east from sun up until afternoon, I'm guessing it won't be happy there.ÃÂ Anyone have this in full sun?

2- Or should I just pot it up and put it on my porch?

3 - Does it reseed and multiply and if so, will I lose out on that aspect of it if it's in a pot?

4- Some sites say it only blooms in spring, yet others say spring AND sumer. what has your experience been with this plant? Did I buy something that is going to be green most of the growing season versus having blooms??

5- Another thing that has confused me is - most sites say zones 4 thru 7 for this plant but one said 4 thru 9.ÃÂ Doesn't this mean this plant doesn't tolerate the heat very well?ÃÂ Since I'm in between 7 & 8, I wonder how it will do.

6- And one last question - most all the pics, including the plant ID stake, shows a daisy-like bloom but with very skinny petals.ÃÂ Yet one site had a pic with fatter petals, just like a daisy (and it was a pic of this compact version...I did see that the non-compact did have fatter petals).ÃÂ Not a big deal.ÃÂ Just curious as to what the petals will actually look like?

Basically, i just want to learn all I can about this plant because it's very new to me.

Thanks to all,

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

I don't know about that specific cultivar, but I have grown Little Leo for years. It isn't a particularly popular plant because it will go dormant mid-summer unless it is in a cool summer climate (like mine) or it gets a lot of water. As a plant that blooms then disappears like Virginia bluebells and bleeding heart, it should be fine with all morning sun.

It reseeds to close to pestilence. It is one plant I try hard to deadhead because it has spread so much. It isn't all over the place, but has spread out a great deal from it's original spot. It is supposed to be short lived, so some seedlings are to be encouraged.

In all the reseeding, it has changed zero in appearance. It is a fairly short, yellow daisy. Nice because it blooms quite early.

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It prefers moist but well drained soil with at least afternoon shade. Blooms in mid to late spring, not through summer, and does not spread or self seed wantonly. The hardiness range refers only to winter cold temperatures - not to heat. Often you will find an upper limit with regards to hardiness range simply because it doesn't get cold enough in the higher zones (with regularity) to encourage a proper dormant period which most herbaceous perennials must have. So growing these plants in the mild zone 9 and 10 locations can be a pretty short term experience :-))

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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)

Thanks mad g. My morning sun is all day sun and very hot down here at the beach. It's basically blazing hot direct sunlight....so not sure it will like that.

Gardengal....you always seem to 'get' me. You understood exactly what I meant about 'not understanding' the zone thing. You don't know how many times I wrote and edited that part, so my confusion would be understood. THANK YOU! That makes perfect sense now. Plants that have a high zone cut off need colder temps to encourange dormancy. That was an AH HA moment...lol.

I've got enough green in my garden already so with such a short bloom period, I think I might just enjoy it in a pot on my porch this year and then decide if I want to plant it in the fall. By then, it might even be big enough to divide.....ya think?

Since it was on clearance (which I call scratch & dent :), it was neglected and dried out and wilted. It was in full bloom. I also got a dianthus in the same condition but it came back after a good soak and looks like new!! This plant did not. That being the case, I will be cutting it back to the soil. So do you think it will even bloom again and if so, for how long?

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This plant will die in your zone any way. They can't take the heat. I tried it before. Save your receipt. You will need it.

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Grows in my zone 8 and is reliably perennial. Typically goes summer dormant in hot or humid climates but should return in spring.

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sandyslopes z5 n. UT

Mine blooms for a short time in spring at the exact same time the dandelions flower. From a distance I bet my neighbors think I have weeds. The flowers are nice but not long lasting, so I can't imagine it would be that satisfying in a pot.

I never knew they went dormant in some areas. Mine stay green until fall when everything starts declining. I have two patches of them, both in shade. Do you have any plants you can plant them near enough for some shade?

I rarely get around to deadheading them, and I've never gotten any new plants from them seeding around.

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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)

Wow...i havent' been getting emails saying I got replies...??? Thanks to all who replied.

E-maniac....since I only paid $3 for it, I'm not too worried. Altho I am the kind that will take it back right now and get a refund (or exchange for something else most likely...lol).

Thanks Sandy...that's a lot of good info. I 'think' maybe when they say dormant, they just mean it stops growing and blooming? Not sure, tho.

But good mention of not being a great potted plant. I do have a side area where I stick stuff I'm not that 'in love' with, so it might just go there. Would only get early morning sun, too, so would help with not frying it.

Oh...can anyone answer my #6 question? No biggie...just wondering. Sandy, you said people prolly think it looks like dandylions, so that makes me think yours has the skinny petals.


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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

The patch started off as one plant in a 3" pot. I've dug up a fair amount for plant swaps, and managed to twist people's arms to take them :) (anything that blooms before the spring swaps can be hard to get rid of)

Dormant in this case means die off until next year. The big rose behind them covers them up during the summer, so it doesn't matter what they do.

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