MacKissic VCB1100

dodgemanMarch 21, 2010

I just ordered a walk behind Vacuum-Chipper-Bagger.

I know I won't get the same results as with a stand alone hammermill unit, but I'm hoping that this will be a good compromise for general twig/small branches and leaf clean up.

Anyone have any experience with this one?

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No one else owns one of these great little machines?

I've been using mine for about six weeks now. No complaints so far.

I have about 2/3ac with a bunch of mature oaks, maples and hickories. I was somewhat skeptical about the chipper's ability to handle old dry twigs. It easily takes care of anything small enough (2-7/8") to get down the chipper section's throat.

The shredder section shares the same flywheel as the chipper with three serrated knives doing the shredding. The advertised 8:1 reduction may be optimistic, but it still does a nice job on leaves.

I've been using the chipper to clean up all the dead stuff that came down over the tough winter/spring we had. I put it in my planting beds as additional material under mulch. The chips are, for the most part, thumb nail sized.

I would definitely recommend this machine for anyone with a similar sized yard for general clean up.

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I don't have that one but I do have a mid 90s 8HP Troy Bilt Chipper Vac that has been excellent for fall clean-up on my large Ohio property. I'm tempted to pick one up for my Florida place but I have so many toys that I can't figure out where I would keep it.

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I bought one about 3 years ago. It does a great job on leaves. I have a dozen mature Oak tress on 1/3 acre of land so it can get very dense in the fall. My only complaint is the poor connection between the bag and the output chute. It's very flimsly nylon that shredded after about the 3rd use. I've repaired it multiple times but now it's almost completely useless. A new bag costs about $100 but has the same design issue that subjects it to shredding.

By contrast, my Snapper Hi-Vac mower bag is over 20 years old and has no signs of wear. Snapper used a better quality bag material and sewed in a heavy duty metal flange to make the connection to the chute on the mower.

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