The killing of low end pressure washers and sprayers?

rcmoserMarch 28, 2010

I am the owner of a cheap low end pressure washer. Course I've read the manual before I operated it. IMO the two things that kills these units are; DO NOT START the unit without water hooked up and water pressure from the house being cycled through the pump and the air pushed out pass the pump. IMO this prevents the pump from running dry.

Another thing I do is NOT let the unit run very long 15 to 20 seconds without pressure trigger opened up. I don't want any heat building up in the pump by water being by passed. If I have to move the unit or rotate the part I'm pressure washing and it will take longer than a few seconds I shut the unit down. Then when I start it back up I released the supplied pressure through the unit by pulling the trigger open as I crank it back up. The other would be Disconnect hoses and letting the pump drain at both the inlet and outlet, I even tilt the unit to get all the water out.

I had my cheap $199 pressure washer now for 9 years I am on a well so it is even more important for me to thorough drain for me due to untreated water. I feel that most home owners do not read the start up procedures, shut down, or disconnect the hoses and let the water drain.

This also applies to the cheap 12V elect. sprayer units we use on or yards and to spray bushes and fruit trees. You've got the cycle clean water through the pump or the chemicials (weed Killer) will eat the pump up and lock it up. These pumps are not cheap by any means, costing between $40 to 80 bucks depending where you buy them.

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Very informative Posting RC , much of what you have advised relates to even more expensive units . It is sad the number of people who purchase equipment and do not bother to review the Operating / Storage Instructions .

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canguy(British Columbia)

Those are the two biggest issues we see with pressure washers. Your hard water makes a little extra maintenance doubly important.Also, never run hot water through the unit.
In our northern climate we also see pumps destroyed from freezing, the units were not drained before being abandoned in the garden shed for the winter.

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Great posts from you and canguy earlier. As a soon to be purchaser of said inexpensive pressure washer, it's invaluable advice.

Any other tips? In particular, I've read about "pump saver," some type of fluid that is run through the pump. What is it, worth using, how is it used and how often?

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I use my prssure washer just a few times a year and always give it a shot of Pump Saver when I'm done. I'm not sure what the chemical makeup is but it boils down to a corrosion preventer and seal lubricant. I recommend it. Some also cycle RV antifreeze through the pump to accomplish the same thing.

Pick it up at a bog box, comes as a spray can with a screw to the pump inlet fitting.

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I'am with Weedcuter RV Antifreeze is Designed for the Plastic MultiStage Impeller pumps that are within most low end Pressure washer , so will not damage the diaphram or impeller and also lubricate / freezeproof the pump .

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Good tips here.

Always nice that people share good ideas how to make things last.

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