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pat_bamaz7April 29, 2014

The positive thought of the day on the radio station I was listening to on my way to work this morning was Abe Lincoln's quote:
"We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses."
I've always loved that quote. Sending positive thoughts to everyone. Please stay safe and weather aware if you are in an area that could be hit by the current storms. Another wave of storms is expected to pass through our area this afternoon, but we didn't have any major damage from the one's yesterday.

I tried to save a few blooms from my thorn bushes before the storms got too bad (I'm sure anyone passing by thought I was crazy out fighting the wind and rain to cut flowers, but I've been waiting all winter for these first blooms) :

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mirendajean(Donegal, Ireland)

Thanks. I needed that.

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Lovely roses, Pat. I like that thought. Please stay safe!

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kentucky_rose zone 6

Pat, what's the name of the big lt. pink rose on the right?

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Kentucky Rose,
That's Blossomtime...first bloom on a replacement I just planted a couple of weeks ago. My original made it through our hard winter with some dieback, but still had plenty of green cane. For some reason, the canes just started withering and died a couple of weeks ago along with a few others that had initially overwintered. I really love this rose, so I picked up a new one and potted up the original in case it decides to make a comeback.

Here are a couple of pics of her opening up still on the bush where you can see her darker reverse better:

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seil zone 6b MI

Thanks for the cheering up, Pat! Your roses are beautiful and I wouldn't have thought a thing about being out trying to save roses. I would have stopped to help, lol!

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kentucky_rose zone 6

Pat, thanks for the name and extra pictures! Love Blossomtime's darker reverse.

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