Older Troy Built Tiller Model ID

gardenerfrankMarch 21, 2009

Trying to indentify model number of my unit. It is an older unit Horse model. Model # decal is worn off. Do not know if model # is stamped into unit frame somewhere but I don't see any number which I feel would be a model # or is indentified as such. I did locate the serial number but the Troy Built web support tool keeps telling me it does not like the way I am typing in the number (format) but here is exactly the way the serial number is stamped into the housing of the unit: 86 3705. I know this is the serial number as there is an arrow stamped into the housing indicating this is the serial number. However model number is not identified. Here is additional info: "Garden Way 2534" is stamped into handle bracket housing; engine is a Tecumseh 8 HP w/electric start; unit is a Horse model; has a PTO; serial number stamped on engine shroud is HMXL70 132504 S/N 7266D. Any assistance it helping identify correct model # would be appreciated.

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You Have a Horizontal Shaft(H)Medium frame(M)Extra life (XL) 7hp Tecumseh engine,probably made around 1986....

What parts are you looking for ???? Any Cub Cadet dealer should be able to help you out !I believe MTD owns the Troy-Bilt name now ,along with Many others ! Jim

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My Troy-bilt Horse is an older model which has a similar Tiller serial number  378818. There are additional numbers cast into the various parts of the transmission and the frame, including the one on the left side of the transmission which appears to include a date:
TH 1001-1
IF 1
Although the above number may indicate a 1979 date, the family that previously owned the tiller indicated that the tiller was a 1999 model.
Does any one know how we might identify the model and/or year of these tillers?
We received with the tiller a 20 page "OWNERÂS MANUAL SUPPLEMENT, FOUR-SPEED HORSE MODEL, TROY-BILT, ROTO TILLER". The supplement simply addresses how to change the tiller from low range to high rang or visa versa. Inside the cover of this supplement is the statement  "This supplement for your four-speed model simply updates the 176 page OwnerÂs Manual that you received with this tiller".
Is there a source where the 176 page OwnerÂs Manual could be purchased?
So far the tiller runs great, and the Kohler engine has model and serial numbers so it shouldnÂt be a problem.
Thanks for any help.

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Thanks to Jim where ever Jim is, for the info. on my Troy Built engine. For any of you Troy Built owners who own older models and want to find out the exact model and year and maybe order an owner's and parts number - I received very good technical assistance today from the owner of Troy Built - MTD. According to MTD, Troy went bankrupt in 2001 and MTD bought them out and owns all manufacturing rights and obviously still produce the units. Parts and technical assistance is available at either the Troy or MTD website but I called 866-840-6483 and punched in a few options and then spoke to someone who referred me to techncial support. All manuals and parts lists are available on their website to down load but it takes for ever to print a manual - mine was 80 pages long.

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I have my Grandfathers Older Troy Built Tiller. The Info. I could get off of it is; Precision MFD. by Clinton Engines Corp.--Clinton 4 cycle engine--Garden Way H32-470--Troy Built Roto Tiller,Garden Way Manu.Co.,Inc. Troy,New York 121823 H.

Where would I find a Owners Manual or Info. for this Great Tiller!!!??? I know it's over Forty years old but it needs a little TLC.

Thank You

Paul King Ph#:276-926-5223, E-Mail:pking8075@yahoo.com
Address 321 Glade Street, P.O.Box 696 Clintwood,VA. 24228

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Join yahootroybiltgroup dot com there file there download for manual

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I have a older troy built tiller serial # 459939 with what looks like a date casted on transmition of 3/5/80. Looking for manual #, Operational & owners manual.

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My old Troy Bilt horse has no casting date that I can find. The information on the left side of the transmission shows "TH 1001, then below that is a plate held on with screws that says "219 A". How can I find out the model number also?



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I have an old TB Horse Tiller, Serial Number 789340. I bought it new. Can you tell me what model it is and what I can use as a replacement engine? The old Kohler worked great for many years, but finally lost enough compression that it won't run.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Old_Tillerman The engine of day to replace yours is at Harbour Freight its Honda knockoff made in china so price is big saving if down load from HF site coupon the new engine be 129.00 compared to other at price over 300.00. These engine only avail at HF. Its 6 1/2 horsepower with overhead valves this give big increase in Torque over flat head engine. New engine is just out called Predator. You may get luck find Greyhound engine 6 1/2 that was just drop by HF but long shot as pollute laws change so Predator on market now. I have used these engine seance 2008 with out any problem there 5 bolts you need to buy because metric mounting threads manual that comes with new engine will have thread size length bolts same.

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I am trying to find a part for my troy bilt I just bought but with my serial no. 874801. I bought a new one in 1993 from gardenway and this one looks the same but doesn't resemble the horse model I bought back then. This one has a briggs & stratton 7hp. I believe it is the horse PTO but again the troybilt number on belt 2245 doesn't cross and it leaks where the PTO connects and no gasket or O ring there don't know if there should be?? Any Help would be great. Thanks I haven't had luck getting thru to MTD to find out what model or year this is.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Join yahootroybiltgroup dot com there file there download for manual Tiller 874801 Built in March 1988 yes its PTO model all are after 1982. I don't know about o'ring but 2 halves tiller will need service each half has fluid compartments transmission and PTO if join group with 2 tiller you have answer be there.

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i bought an older troy bilt horse tiller. i found the serial number 353337 but can't seem to find the model no. i did find something that said garden way th-1019 and under that was if and under that was a date 9/15/78. is any of this the model no.? i want to download an owner-operator manual for my tiller. thanks for any help. my email is rcoutts@epix.net

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If you are giving the correct serial number.

Your tiller was built between Feb 1st and March 1st 1974.

Troybilt first placed electric starters on some models in 1969.

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I have a Troy Built Horse 1 with a serial number of 149209 it has electric start I am also looking for the model number and year built

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Check serial number again. And tell horsepower engine help to no was PTO model. yahoo troybilt site good place for you find parts and info.

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It's a 6hp Horse with no pto but does have electric start. serial number 149209. If anyone has approx. date tiller was made I would appreciate it.
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4/75 thats April 1975

The first model number was 1 that in 1/82

If got have model number to look up parts use model number 1

If that don't use model number I that's romain number.

Here different model numbers using capital I, II, III, IIII used from 4/62 until 12/92

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