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vmckague(Central Mo. Zone 5)March 1, 2008

I purchased a torch kit and it arrived yesterday. I went to the local small farm supply, M.F.A.,and they carried amerigas brand cylinders. I told the guy I wanted the smallest oxygen and acetylene tanks he had. He brought me out a small oxygen tank that was about 18" tall and a acetylene tank that was about the same height but smaller around. OK that's about the size I want as I might use this torch once or twice a year and don't have a lot of room to store it. When I got home I started to hook up the oxygen tank and it fit perfectly but the acetylene tank had the wrong fittings on it. It had a small male fitting and my regulator has a larger male fitting also. My question is don't all acetylene tanks for welding have the same size fitting so they will fit the torch or because I want such a small tank I will need to get an adapter? I hope not! One more question, don't all oxygen tanks have about 2000 lbs in them when full? This one is showing only 600. Maybe I need to take it back for a different one also?

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There are about 12 different O2 tank sizes and capacities but I would want to check the other tanks they have in inventory to see how they compare. 600 #s to start does seem awfully low.

There are also different acetylene fittings as you have discovered. Sometimes the solution is as simple as buying an adapter but ALWAYS be cautious that any torch tip you may use will not flow more than 1/7 the capacity of the acetylene tank. Acetylene is highly unstable so it is stabilized with acetone in the tank. If the acetylene is withdrawn too quickly the acetone comes out with it and makes the tank dangerous. Also never run your torch over 15# on the acetylene.

Torch tip manufacturers provide flow info for their tips and torches. As a rule of thumb, get the biggest tanks that are practical for your application. The gas is also cheaper per cubic foot when purchased in larger quantities.

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