Craftsman DLT3000 value

handdsawMay 17, 2010

Anyone have a feel for a selling price for a 2005 Craftsman DLT 3000, 16.5(?)hp v-twin Honda, hydro, 42" 2-blade mower, less than 200 actual hours. Trying to figure out what it's worth -whether to make an offer to my neighbor or not. thanks

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You would be better off posting in the decussion fourm rather than gallery, very few people read these posts in gallery. thats why you haven't gotten any responses IMO

$400 to 750 bucks IF you know what your looking at. No way he will get near the new cost around 1499. depending on sales. If you buy any used LT you need to go through all the maintenance sehedules. Alot of people buy used LTs and don't clean the cylinder head fins, change oil, check the oil, go through the fuel system (check hoses for cracks, change the filter, clean out the gas tank), change air filter, and that's just on the engine.

You also need to do a deck inspection, blade, belts, pulleys, wiring (looking for potential chafes or chafed areas). IF stuff like this hasn't been done then don't be suprised if you used LT craps out on you. That's why condition and pre-ventive maintenance plays alot in price. If the neighbor just set on it and mowed and didn't do much maintenance you can see what you maybe in for. so the lower end of the price would be warranted IMO.

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