Mantis Tiller starts but dies....will not idle

bjhankinsMarch 13, 2010

Need some help. I have a Mantis tiller about 5 years old that has had regular use. It was hard to start last year and wouldn't start this year.

I've replaced:

Spark Plug

Air Filter

Fuel Filter

Fuel lines

I tore the carburator down, soaked it in carb cleaner and blew out all of the passage ways with compressed air. I replaced all of the gaskets and diaphrams on it as well.

It cranks fine, but will only run for a few seconds and die. I can crank it while at full throttle and it will keep running until I release the throttle....then it dies. I've adjusted the idle screw as much as I can and it still won't idle.

What next?


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Have you take out the muffler to clean the muffler? Does it has a spark arrestor screen, that need to be cleaned. Do that first and see what happen.

DO that and post back.

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Did you buy a rebuild kit? What model (newer one with primer bulb or older one without?) If it got a primer bulb will it pull gas up and through the carb.? Just cleaning didn't do anything for a bad diaphramn, needle and seat, or clogged orifices. It's not flowing gas through the carb. Plus once you tear a carb. apart somtimes air gets trapped in the carb. and it takes awhile for the gas to siphon up through the carb especially if you don't have a primer bulb.

IMO If you used a new rebuild kit and installed it correctly the idle circiut is still probably plugged. To get to it properly you have to remove the welch plug to clean the passages out should be three orifice holes Idle, mid, and high flow.

When a carb. sets with gas in it for a while (over winter sometimes) the gas evaporates leaving a scum residue once this happens it gets hard and usually just soaking it will not dislodge the fine metered holes.

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