Legends Rose - Anyone Familiar

joytwo1839(z6 TN)April 7, 2009

I just purchased Legends rose from a local nursery several weeks ago, along with A Mr. Lincoln and several others. All of them are growing and looking great except Legends It looks sort of stunted and is not putting out any additional growth.

Does anyone have this rose or know anything about it?

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jerijen(Zone 10)

I know it is a Weeks introduction, bred by Tom Carruth, and selected by Oprah Winfrey.

It's said to be vigorous, but if you've got a dud, you might want to contact the vendor.


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I potted up two bare roots three weeks ago and they are doing fine. Jeri may be right, perhaps you got a dud.


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alameda/zone 8

I bought a newly planted bare root Legends in early February and planted it. Its planted next to 2 bare roots - Happy Child and Crocus. These 2 have leafed out well and have lots of buds. Legends is just sitting there. It has leaves but doesnt seem to be putting out any new ones and not a bud in sight. It has had the same care as the others - I am hoping it will kick in and grow when the weather warms a bit more.

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I have had a similar experience as alameda. I planted Legends bareroot the end of Feb. and it is still sitting there. I feel it might be a slow starter. Maybe it needs more warm weather....it`s been cool here. Lesley

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kstrong(10 So Cal)

Also mine here in Southern California (zone 10)-- I got it last spring, and it didn't do much at all over the summer or fall. Now it is newly pruned, and I'm hoping, with a season to set roots behind it, it will decide to grow now.

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I don't know if anyone still looks at this discussion, but since bare roots have never done well for me, I bought a bud and bloom version of Legends (weeks) from a local nursery. I had to do a little pruning, but it has been blooming its heart out all summer. I hope it stays this happy!

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seil zone 6b MI

I just got a potted one this spring too and it's big, healthy and blooming a lot.

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I wonder if what the duds actually are is Legend, rather than Legends? I've not grown Legends, but I do grow Legend, the 1992 Warriner/J&P DUD of a red HT. It's own root and DEMANDS Amazon River levels of water to put out any new foliage. Add that much more water to get ONE flower bud from it and you get the idea. If the thing makes it through the extreme heat this summer, I will finally put it out of MY misery with a shovel. Until then, it gets nothing more from me. Maybe you also have a "Legend"? The single most worthless HT I have ever grown. Kim

Here is a link that might be useful: Legend

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seil zone 6b MI

Good catch, Kim. I didn't realize there were two different ones. The one I have is "Legends" with an "s" at the end.

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Thanks, Sharon. Are you sufficiently confident in the source that it actually IS the Week's "Legends" and not the older "Legend" substituted as the more expensive rose? More careful, reputable sources wouldn't pull such a stunt, but many of the less expensive, and less careful mass producers here have pulled this kind of switch regularly. Varieties which resemble more widely known roses are regularly produced and labled as the popular name. It could be done to be able to sell a more expensive name without paying a royalty, or it could be done out of pure carelessness to produce a product with a well known name in the desired quantities. It's common to find Gypsy and several other varieties offered here as inexpensive bud and bloom plants carrying the name "Fragrant Cloud". Mixing up Cherry Parfait, Double Delight and Headliner with the plants all carrying "Double Delight" tags is also common. I'm sure there are many others, but those are two of the most glaring I have regularly encountered. Kim

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I have both LEGEND and LEGENDS. The older one, LEGEND, is a huge plant that peaks about 6ft. Doesn't bloom a lot, but nice when it does. LEGENDS is fairly new to me, and hasn't been a great grower. So far stays below 3ft, but it's only in its second season. It's only bloomed a few times, but the blooms are humongous. Must be about 6" or more, even on the stunted plant. I doubt very much that yours would be the older one. You don't see it anywhere anymore that I know of. Except maybe Roses Unlimited in own-root form.

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seil zone 6b MI

The plant I got is from a very good nursery. The gentleman that orders their roses belongs to my rose society. It had two different Weeks tags on it that said it was Legends, the big one with the picture and a small white slip tag on a cane. I have to think it's the correct one. Legend looks like it was distributed by J&P. I don't think this nursery orders any thing from them now.

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I have this rose in my garden in NW PA. Fabulous rose, MASSIVE red blooms with a nice, moderate fruity/rose fragrance. Grew very well for me with my own horse manure compost, and Dr. Earth 5-7-2 organic fertilizer. It is a Weeks rose and is correctly named "Legends". It has been vigorous and disease resistant for me.

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I have a 4ft specimen. Doesn't have a lot of canes, but beautiful blooms.

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alameda/zone 8

I tried another Legends because I love the bloom so. I took great care in planting it, watering it, etc., planted it spring of 2014. It is still alive - but has only 3 canes and it never did put out much in the way of branching, canes. A scrawny shrub. Guess it puts its energy into the magnificent blooms - just huge and gorgeous, when they decide to show up. I have a feeling this rose is one with beautiful blooms, but leaves a lot to be desired in a bush. The same way Just Joey performed for me - out of this world blooms, but the bush was a mess. I would probably grow it again just for the blooms, but in an out of the way spot. This is where Legends may be delegated one day, but will give it a couple of years. If I find some potted ones, I may buy 2 more and make a grouping, hoping this will compensate.


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