snow blower help?

ncage(z5 IL)March 26, 2013

Hi guys, i currently own a old toro 2 stage (i'm guessing that its from the 80s) snow blower. I bought it from a house auction. When i bought it didn't even run so i took it to a small engine mechanic and he got it running. Though it ran it didn't run right (i dont' think he did a good job). It starts pretty easy but, even after its warmed up, you still need to leave it about half chocked or it will die. Anyways i used it with the recent 18.5 inch snow we got.

This is my first 2 stage snow blower so you will have to excuse me if this is a stupid question. Several times when blowing snow the shute got clogged up and i had to shut the shut the snow blower off and remove it with my hands. When this happened the tines would actually quite spinning and it would squeal. It WAS a really wet snow because of the temperatures. Is this normal for the tines to quit spinning?

The reason i'm asking is because i'm trying to decide between getting a new one or fixing the one i have. I have no problem getting it repaired for just the running issues because i'm sure thats relatively easy to fix but if there are issues with whatever mechanism moves the tines then i think it would be very expensive to fix. Any advice would be appreciated.


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Chances are there is still some varnish in the carburetor on your snowblower. Having to use the choke all the time is a symptom of varnish in the carburetor. You might be able to clean up the carburetor by operating the machine for an hour or two, with carb cleaner mixed in with the gas. If you are going to put your hands in the discharge chute, you really should shut the machine down, all the way. The squealing sound is from a worn rubber drive belt. Replacement belts are readily available. From what you have said, the snowblower is worth fixing. It likely needs the oil changed, and there are some bearings to be greased, as well.

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When the auger drive belt was squealing, it was because the motor was trying to turn the belt, but couldn't. At the first hint of squealing, just let go of the auger hand grip.

It's not unusual for a wet snow to block the chute. Very few snowblowers can blow very wet or slushy snow. Try to take smaller bites or wait till evening when the snow starts to turn back to ice crystals.

These units are worth keeping.

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