Commercial grade trimmers?

iforgotitsonevermind(♪☺♫)March 31, 2010

I am looking for a new trimmer. I would like the middle model of cheapest pro-grade range of the second best brand and figure that should be within my budget.

I would like a straight shaft and 4 cycle motor... I don't like having to blend oil with gas and storing a separate tank for that gas. Needs to hold .95 line and be reasonably good with hardcore weeds. Not made in china if possible.

Does anything come to mind? I'm in the US btw.

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Would the echo SRM-265 be a good trimmer?

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I recommend Echo, however all are 2 stroke. You either need to get comfortable with gas/oil mix, or look at Honda or someone else.

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I'm leaning towards Husqvarna 224L.
I realize this unit is sold at lowes and not in their commercial line but the specs are very similar if not identical to one of the lower end commercial units and these are 4 stroke engines with no mixing. It's a newer model so not a lot of reviews out there.

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certain appications are just meant for two stroke engines--chain saws and weed wackers (personally) for example. The oil comes pre mixed, no measuring necessary. You are really limiting yourself by only looking at 4 stroke,

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Well I went with the Husqy 224L and spend 4 hours using it today clearing brush from nearly two acres. Used 40 feet of line! I am very pleased with it. Plenty of power to get through neck high bahiagrass, broomsedge, dog fennel, blackberries and sweetgum seedlings.

As for the comment above about limiting myself by looking at a 4 stroke... that actually was my strategy. Lots of choices. Had to narrow it down somehow. I don't ordinarily use the trimmer a whole lot so in the past I mix the oil and gas and put in a separate can and it sits there and sits there and sits there and it doesn't get any better with age. Having the oil and gas separate is a huge selling point for me so I can use fresh gas always.

I compared this unit with other trimmers in the store including the 2-stokers and this was the lightest of them all. 5 year consumer warranty tough to beat. 10% coupon from the post office movers guide took $30 off the price.

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Ubique(Pac NW)

I have used 2 stroke trimmers in the past and found the mixing of fuel was not a huge problem because I go through 2 stroke fuel at a pretty good rate. However, my latest trimmer is a Honda 4 stroke UMK 422 with a Lee Valley Tools string head part number EC716 and I use their line as well. Both the .130 and the .095. This combination works for me and when I need to do heavier cutting I mount a 9 inch 60 tooth circular blade which allows me to cut hardwood up to about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. I guess it all depends on how much trimming and brushing you have to do. I manage our three acres with mine so it gets about 4 to 6 hours of work per summer week, less in winter.

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