homelite 150 question

joe_the_dutchman(ontario canada)March 21, 2010

i just got this thing runing and noticed after leaving the saw over night the bar oil leaks on the floor.can any of you smart guys tell me what to look for here so i can have an idea before i attempt to fix this problem.works well except the bar oil leak.info greatly apreciated

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I had an 150 years ago and it leaked also. I think the case housing create the oil and fuel tanks internally if I remember correctly I think the XL models had seperate plastic tanks thus reducing the leaking problem between the two tanks, but some still leaked bar oil out?.

I would be happpy it just ran and oiled the bar and just drain the oil out after use, getting oil is alot better than not getting oil to the bar. You might try to loosen the oil cap and relieve any sifoning pressure off the tank. I had very few old saws that didn't leak the bar oil out after use when in storage, I just drained the oil back into the bar oil bottle.

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joe_the_dutchman(ontario canada)

i thank you for this info ill just drain the oil after each use instead of fixing it.thats whats good about gardenweb

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