Manually prime that old two cycle that's w/o primer/purge and sav

loger_gwMarch 17, 2012

Manually prime that old two cycle that's w/o primer/purge and save that arm. 5 Pull vs 2-3 Is Getting Old. LOL! My hand and arm are "Talking Pain" until I give a shot of gas from the fuel tank to the carb with a small syringe pump. Normally the prime will save 2-3 pulls and they usually purge the fuel line and will keep running (with a good high rev). I would like to add a primer kit (at the link below) but for the little use I feel it is not worth the trouble. BUT! I have drilled a 1/16" hole for priming w/o pulling a cover and It Worked. Run Some Experiments On Some Junkers And Have Some Fun.

I just cut/stacked my last load of Red Oak and Pecan the drought and spring pruning has produced less than a mile away. My racks holding 3 cords are over loaded and blocking my Scenic Views. LOL. Any more wood will have to go into my daughter's b/y (2 mi away) as the hard winter 2 yrs ago when I racked just over a cord there. loger

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Yep, I alway prime after storage. I too don't like pulling and pulling. I usually remove the spark plug 2 or 3 second blast down the hole pull the rope couple times, clean and check gap on the plug, check spark, put the plug back in, and blast downt the carb. IMO this works on about everything that goes boom to start.

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