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flh69March 11, 2014

I posted this in the tractor forum by mistake.
I'm in the process of rebuilding a carb off of an Echo PB-14ln leaf blower. The carb had the limiters on the needles. I removed them and need to know the settings for both high and low speed needles. It's a Walbro carb, WT-417

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What have you tried from light seated needles turned out? I feel an up to date Pro with better info will post soon. Meanwhile, my old school was to start at 1 turn out and tweak from there. I feel I have noticed the new trend on newer equipment is ý -3/4 turn out and tweak from there..

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I put a carb kit in it and I just put it back together last night and had a heck of a time getting it to run. Finally after much tinkering, I got it to run pretty decent. It would not run before.
The low speed is about 2-1/2 turns out and the hi speed is about 1-1/2 turns out. This seems a little strange to me but that is where I got it to run decent. However turning the hi speed needle does not seem to have a lot of effect on it.
I sprayed carb cleaner in all of the orifices & used high pressure air to blow them out. I do not have any cleaner to soak it as I am just a shade tree mechanic and only tinker with this stuff.

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1. With the large adjustment settings IMO that might be indicating there is some restriction.
2. Did it sit for years with fuel in it or was it stored bone dry of fuel?
3. Adding carb cleaner to the fuel (2 oz per tank or correct me) could help as it runs flow the treated fuel.
4. Did your carb have an int fuel screen (attached). I have found that to be restricting with fine debris collected.

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With it apart, there is a needle/lever/spring on the other side, that needs to be removed to properly
clean the carb. with it removed, you should be able to hold it up to a light and see through the screen on the other side (shown above). If not, blow it clean with some carb spray and visually verify that it is clear.

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Oops! Did you pull and ck for restriction or replace the in tank fuel filter?

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Thanks for the replies.
This is not my blower, it belongs to a friend. He used it regularly.
New screen came with the kit.
Removed the fuel filter and nothing changed.
When I first got it running it would only run by dumping some gas in the carb. I kept spraying shots of carb cleaner & shots of gas in the throat of the carb & playing with the needles until I could get it to run without it shutting off.
Although it runs pretty good now, I too think there may be a restriction. I think I'll try loger's suggestion and add some carb cleaner to the gas. Or maybe just call my buddy and tell him to come get it while it is still running. My luck I'll add some cleaner to the gas and have it go back to not running.
I have been using 2+2 spray carb cleaner for years. Anyone have a preference for a spray cleaner?

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1. I feel the needle and seat mentioned related to the screen is attached.
2. Good point on if the monster is running, treated fuel and use could improve it.
3. My bad habit has been to volunteer work as an interest that friends w/n spend.
4. This can apply on this board researching out of interest for others vs their time.
5. I try to limit my time, then to my interest and past experiences vs outside research.

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I would check the compression. takes a lot of power to blow air and this eventually just wears the engine out usually quicker than weed trimmers IMO.

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Another question. Is there a trick to getting the needle valve & spring assy. back together.
I have to get my wife to help & boy does she love that.

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fih69: Did the youtube help? My thought was that an assembled Pic would help. I feel he gave some tips in the center and right clips on the bottom row.

My apology for not reducing the link. Too much to remember!

Here is a link that might be useful: Some Help

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Thanks loger. I watched a couple of the videos. The guys in the videos had a little more dexterity than I have. My fingers don't work too well. Looks like I'll have to keep getting the better half to help.

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