battery booster

wpines(5ct)March 12, 2006

I have a Husky brand 400 amp 12volt DC Model # HSK020HD automotive battery booster for emergency jump starts. It's good for assisting my old tractors on very cold mornings. I lost the charger which plugged into a 100 volt outlet. What would the specs be (1,000 ma ?) for me to go to Radio Shack and buy a replacement. Please don't say ask the people at Radio Shack. They're teenagers with no knowledge inclusing making change. Thanks

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I have a trickle charger rated at 36 watts. I wouldn't think that would be too high a charge rate for the booster.Maybe another poster can tell us if that exceeds 1000Ma.

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Volts x Amps = Watts
Watts / Volts = Amps

1000ma(milli-amps) is One Amp

36watts / 12 volts = 3 amps

But that doesn't answer the question. If the battery charger is contained in the power pack and powered by the wall wort, you would need to find out from the manufacturer what the voltage and amp output is, and whether that it is dc or ac output.
Might be that the wall wart is actually a little battery float charger.

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You're right the recharging unit was a 110 volt AC to 12volt DC unit with a female recptacle that slid thru a round hole and over an internal pin on the booster. What I don't know, is any of the DC characteristics of the recharger.

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FWIW, it would have to be >12V to charge a 12V battery. I assume there is a battery in the booster. The power supply could be lower amperage than the original--it would just take longer to recharge it.

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firechief(N Ca)

My Battery power supply (jump start,light, power supply) came with a 110VAC to 12VDC 500ma charger.The Mfg.advises leaving it on charge for five or six hours after the fully charged indicator light comes on.Remember the ma rateing of the charger has nothing to do with the rate at which the battery is being charged.The ma rateing is simply the amount of current the charger can deliver without over heating

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Have the same one- like it a lot- Found my manual and AC adaptor- 12V 700 mA should do it...

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Can anybody tell me the polarity of the of the oem adapter? I need to know because I lost mine and replaced it with a RadioShack unit...


John M

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The Husky HSK020HD was manufactured by Vector Manufacturing, a division of Black & Decker. It was sold exclusively by Home Depot.
The manual can be downloaded at:
w w w dot dewaltsevicenet dot com slash Products slash ProductManual.aspx?q=HSK020HD
The customer sevice phone number is 866-584-5504.
But you guessed it. The cable and AC adapter to charge the battery in the product are no longer available!

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John M, which Radio Shack adapter worked for you? I also need to replace mine.



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I also lost the power plug for a Vector VEC010C and looking to see if anyone has the specs for the ac adapter.

The adapter I have for the VEC012 does NOT fit (too big). For anyone looking for those specs the output specs are 12vdc 700mA.

I've got a bag of old adapters and hopefully will be able to match something up.

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