how to adjust the L and H on a 2150 Poulan chainsaw?

mayhem69(zone 6 SE PA)March 20, 2009

Hi, my 2150 Poulan chainsaw will start up but not run more than 1 minute. Then when i try to start it back up it is either flooded or isn't getting enough gas? I don't know.

I bought a new plug, cleaned the arrestor, soaked the carb. in cleaner overnight, and was fiddling with the L and H. I did not blow the carb with air because i do not have a compressor. It will run from 30 seconds to sometimes a minute , then it will shut off. I do not know how to adjust the L and H screws, could someone tell me how?

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Flooding should be evidence of wet gas in the comb chamber (on the spark plug tip when you remove it or actually dripping out the muffler) If it's dry then your not getting gas up to or through the carb.

Start off in the tank by removing the fuel filter (clean it or replace it) stick the carb. cleaner nozzle in the hose that the fuel filter was pull it off at the carb. and spary carb cleaner through the hose. does it come out the other end? if so you may need to look for cracks in the line, a crack will not alow the fuel to pull up to the carb.

Once you know your getting gas to the carb. clean you carb
Using carb cleaner (in the can under pressure) fluid as air pressure. It will usually blow out the passages and clean/disolve any gum you may have missed. Use the red or black plastic nozzle, but wear rubber gloves and safety goggles or shield cause the fluid under pressure will squirt out about any direction. Once you get it cleaned out by spraying each passage and watching it come out the other end you can reassemble the carb. If I remember set the low and high at 1 1/4 turn to 1 1/2 to start out.

It should run and idle. once it warms up you may have to fine turn the high usually CCW 1/8 turn more. If you turn it over 1/2 turn you may have to go back and adjust the low. If that still don't work then you either have a vacuum leak (seals in the carb., carb mount screws loose or carb. base seal leaking, cracked fuel hose from the tank to the carb. or plugged up fuel filter that will not let enough gas being sucked up to the carb. when the diaphram fuel pump draws it.

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Turn both L & H C.W. into seat lightly(So they are just bottoming out).
Then back BOTH screws back out CCW one turn.
Don't touch the High screw anymore.

Adjust the L screw to get the saw to idle correctly.the other screw that adjust the idle speed may also require adjustment ...

Note: If you turn in the H screw beyond one turn from seat,you are starving the cylinder for gas and oil mixture and can sieze the saw ! Jim

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