Easiest way to get any gas engine started if it son't want to sta

rcmoserMarch 28, 2009

I don't know why there is this great myth "don't use carb. cleaner down the carb when the engine is running or need primed to start. walk in any repair shop and you will see the stuff by the case. When they say they cleaned the carb. what do you think the cleaned it with?

USE a Can Of CARB CLEANER to prime it by directly spraying it down the carb. then CHOKE it and pull the rope or remove the spark plug and spary a 2 second blast down the spark plug hole! Two stroke or four it won't hurt the engine. Some will say don't do it on two strokes but using it for priming won't hurt a thing. Due to the little heat build up and small amount of time the engine runs off the cleaner.

Course if you fill the tank up with carb. cleaner and go weedeat, mow, or till then heat will build up and lock it up when you put pressure on the engine in a short time. really that all you need to run the engine when priming it anyway a few seconds to get the fuel pull through the carb.

You may have to do this several time depending on how long the engine has been laying around? I do a fuel system cleanup before hand that way not crud get pull into the carb.

A simple fuel system clean up usually means. remove the gas tank and clean it out using carb. cleaner and swab or even use a pressure washer (just get all the water out if you use the pressure washer). Remove the spark plug clean it and spray carb. cleaner down the spark plug hole and pull the rope. this cleans out the comb chamber or chambers and primes the engine for quick start. install the plug, inspect the fuel hoses and/or primer bulb, put the tank back on, and start it up.

severe cases of neglect you may have to disassemble the carb. clean all the passages and replace some diaphrams, but I would try cleaning it first before I put money in it. Some you may even have to take the head off (or jug)and clean the carbon off the head, piston and gasket/ Good Idea to check the muffler also for carbon buildup.

Bottom line if you engine won't start try priming it with carb. cleaner, if that don't work see if you got spark!

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canguy(British Columbia)

I keep a can handy too. Great stuff for cleaning varnish off the carb and freeing sticky linkages. As you say, it will not hurt the engine in moderation.

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You think I can pour all the gas out from the tank, pour the carb cleaner into the tank( just enough to cover the filter), remove the plug, close the choke, prime the bulb and keep pulling the rope to draw the carb cleaner through the carburator to clean it. Would that work?
Then pour all the stuff out including the primming bulb and fill back with gas/mix to start the engine.

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maybe, but a spray can of carb cleaner is under pressure. the pressure. Basically it blast the tiny hard gum out the tiny drilled passages that the solvent disolves. In a severe case of gummed up carb. it may not be enough to clear the passages without the pressure of the spray. Sometimes you have to run .020 piece of wire or smaller through the passages to get the crud broken up. IMO 90% of the time the spray can will clear it.

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Chemtool B12 sells 12 oz cans. I dose my OPE gas with it on occasion.

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Hey Rcmoser
How do you spray inside the carb? Normal spraying into the opening of the carb just go directly into the engine. The only way I see is to take the gas intake line with the gas filter, remove the gas filter and spray directly into the tube. But that still don't put the pressure into the jets. What other ways I can spray into the critical part of the passage without disassemble the carb?

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Well if it don't have a vent you have to disassemble it. Use to spray the stuff down the bowl vent on my Quadra Jet and autolite 4100's sometimes it helped.

small gas engines that don't have a fuel bowl and float system has a diaphram cover that on alows static air pressure on the outside of the diaphram or drain hole when the diaphram fails. They do have a tiny hole at the base of the flapper valve when you look down the carb venturi, you could try it. But, as you said the jets are behind the flapper stem and there no way to get it inside other than down the fuel inlet hose that I have found.

My main point was use the stuff for priming on equipment thats not been started for awhile for people that have no mechincal knowledge about carbs.

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I just had some good luck getting my Mom's Craftsman 2 stroke blower going again. It would run barely with the choke on, but die out once you turned it off.

I put a strong dose of Techron in some fresh gas, and kept the thing running by turning the choke on and off....after a few minutes of this nursing it -- all of the sudden it came back to life and runs good again..

I would agree that carb cleaner in an aerosol can is one of man's greatest inventions. I try to always keep a can or two on hand....

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Thanks for the info Rcmoser.

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Going to bump this may help some when snowblower season hits and it may not>>>>>>>>>>>

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