Harbor Freight Trailer?

balsam_girlMarch 14, 2008

Anybody ever buy or use one of these Harbor Freight trailers? Even with overweight shipping the price seems good. I would use it to haul firewood behind an older Gravely garden tractor on my 30 acres.

Would this trailer be good for that purpose?




Stow this folding trailer just about anywhere--it only takes up 2 ft. x 5 ft. 3'' of floorspace! Steel frame has built-in slots for stake siding (stake sides and trailer contents not included). Add your own plywood decking for a 4 ft. x 8 ft. bed. Bed tilts all the way to the ground for easy loading. Easy assembly.

* DOT certified tail light, fenders and safety wiring harness

* Heavy duty steel construction with baked enamel finish

* Includes coupler assembly with safety chains and 1-7/8'' ball hitch receiver

* Three leaf spring suspension

* 4.80-12 tires

Max. load capacity: 1175 lbs; Axle thickness: 5mmOverall dimensions: 140''L x 61-1/2''W x 19-1/4''H; Weight: 287 lbs.


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jimtnc(7b Raleigh tttf)

That link doesn't work for me.

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it is ITEM 90154-4VGA

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I had a folding trailer like that which I towed with my station wagon, pickup and old Ford 8N farm tractor. It worked fine. I don't know the HP or wheel size and tread type of your Gravely and the terrain of your property, but I think the 4' x 8' trailer might be too big for your Gravely once it's loaded especially if you are hauling in rough terrain. A 4'x4' might be a better choice. I have an 18 HP Sears tractor which I know isn't in the same class as your Gravely, but I couldn't see pulling a loaded 4'x8' with it.

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kirap(TN z7)

From what I have seen, I think they make they (whoever makes em for HF) makes the frames out of cream cheese as the steel is very very soft and the overall setup is quite flimsey, IMHO. I looked at them already in the store and seen two that folks had in use and they did not impress me one bit. They can be reinforced and made more substantial and such but then thats more time and money expended on something that is poor quality to begin with.

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If you are going to use that trailer on the highway, you'd better keep the tires air pressure up to factory specs for hiway travel!
Although they are small, the heat generated at hiway speeds will tend to blow them out, usually just where help is 20 miles away, or not available at all! And, you should carry a spare wheel and mounted tire for emergencies, along with a jack of some kind! A couple or 3 small orange cones might be a good idea, if you have a flat, and have to park alongside the road!
The tent trailer we had recommended 60 lbs. of air pressure in those 480x12 wheels! Under inflation makes heat and makes them go BANG! And, don't forget to grease the wheel bearings every spring! Or oftener if used a lot. Those "Bearing Buddies" they sell for boat trailers DO NOT get the grease where it is needed! They fill the cavity to keep water out, but do not get grease into the bearings, where it is really needed!

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I bought my folding trailer about 25 years ago, so don't know if the current models are the same in terms of durability. I put mine to hard use carrying firewood, sheep manure, and a half ton of organic compost (about 60 miles away). I'm sure it was overloaded at times. I just made sure that the tire pressures were OK and carried a spare. The only time I had a tire problem was when I accidently put a pitchfork through one of them.

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I would put a few hundred more with it and buy a safe to be on the road trailer.

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I have the same trailer, but with 8" wheels. They're too small! Mine was used to deliver phone books in Denver before I got it. I noticed that it was sagging in the rear. Took the 3/4" marine plywood deck pieces off & found that the problem was that the folding hinge was worn. Removed the hinge and the dolly wheels & drilled a couple more holes in the frame & bolted the outer frame to the inner. Made the deck out of 2X6's (the middle had to be a 2X4). Now it doesn't sag & is rock solid. Had to change the license plate holder to a higher position so that the tilt function doesn't bang the plate every time. Amazing how well it works now! I've had nearly a ton on it & you don't even know it's behind you most of the time. More advice: If you use the stake holders to make sides for the trailer, paint the Front end of the front side flat black. If you apply your brakes at nite & the sides are painted a light color it nearly blinds you!

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Thanks the advice. Not sure yet what to get...

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For those who bought one of these Harbor Freight trailer "kits" (or otherwise know,) can you tell me how many boxes they come in?

I'm wondering how easy they are to slide off the delivery truck on planks and avoid paying the $75-100 "lift gate" charge. I'm guessing they come in more than one box. In total these trailer "kits" weigh around 275-300 lbs.

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I wouldn't what to haul anything heavier than a half a load of toothpicks. IMO made for very light hauling you may get away with overloading it with bubble rap, but even with that I wouldn't want to take it on the highway. Around the ranch may work for awhile IMO.

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It's only for hauling firewood on this property behind a garden tractor. Not for highway use ever.

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Hello, I just finished putting one togther just like you were talking about-folding w/12 in wheels. I am going to use mine to haul household goods and motorcycles around. How is yours doing?
Thank You, Craig USAF, MSgt, RET

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Harbor Freight Tools is an American privately held company that runs a chain of discount tool retail stores. The company was founded in 1968, primarily selling through its mail order catalog, lift gate delivery which still exists today.

Here is a link that might be useful: bay area courier service

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masiman(z7 VA)

Your post is pretty much useless atalantacara.

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