homelite model ut10926 chainsaw problem

gerryb_2010March 27, 2010

Hi, everyone. I'm having trouble starting my homelite saw and was told that this was the place to go for help When I pull the starter rope it comes out a couple of inches and binds. I can keep pulling it out in small increments but not enough to get it started. I took off the cover and can't see anything that appears to be broken. The spool turns freely when off but binds again when I re-install it.

Hope someone out there can give me an answer

Thanks for your time and help

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canguy(British Columbia)

Remove the muffler and see if the piston is galled. If so it is done like dinner, Homelite no longer supplies internal parts for hand held products.

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Prior to muffler removal , you may wish to 1st remove the spark plug and retry the recoil use . As CG said you may be up the creek without the proverbial paddle if the piston is scored or rings partially siezed unless you have a donor saw available for parts (e-bay) .

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You have a Ranger 33cc 16.
what happens if you take starter cover off, take sparkplug out, then try to turn flywheel by hand ?
I suspect same thing as ewalk.

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Canguy,ewalk, and glenam, thanks for the quick responses and good tips. I removed plug and the turned the flywheel and it moved pretty easy, with just a little resistiance on the upstroke. When I put the plug back in and just hand tightened it a little the binding started again. The piston has a light brown area near the top. What do you think? Junk pile?

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