Husqvarna Chainsaw Help

bettiepugMarch 16, 2012

Husqvarna Model#136 Serial#20033000836 chainsaw.

When I first start my chainsaw, it starts on the first or second pull and it will run perfect until it runs out of gas. I have to wait until it cools down, usually an hour or so, and then restart it. Also, if I start it, and I let it run 5 minutes and then turn it off, I still have to wait for it to cool off before I can start it again.

It has new spark plug, new air filter, and a new fuel line put in last November. I always use STA-BIL fuel stabilizer in my gas all year long. I have not used it since January, but this started happening today, after I ran about 4 tank fulls of gas through the saw. I always use 92% octane gas and all new gas.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Sounds like it is getting too hot.

1. Have you inspected for any restriction on the cyl's cooling fins?
2. Have you checked the compression?
3. Have you pulled the muffler to check the cyl and rings conditions and for carbon issues?

Good Luck! loger

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