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baylor(6)March 20, 2011

I have an older model front tine Wizard Tiller that hasn't been used in about 15 years. I have tuned it up and it runs great. But I'm not sure how to change the gear oil in it or what oil to use. On the top of the gear case the is a half inch plug and on the front there is a quarter inch plug. I assume that on is a drain and the other is the fill. My question is how much gear oil to use and what kind?

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Well, Baylor, I see that you just signed up for this forum, and elected NOT to receive emails through Gardenweb. Otherwise, I would have sent this response directly to you, since I DO NOT KNOW THAT THE FOLLOWING INFO APPLIES TO YOUR WIZARD TILLER.

Because you haven't yet received a response, I will take a wild a-- guess that the Western Auto Wizard tillers were possibly make by Gilson. If it was, my old Gilson owners manual says to remove the plug on the front, then add 140 weight gear oil through the top hole until it begins to run out of the front hole.

If you want a copy of the Gilson manual, email me (through "My Page") with YOUR email address and I'll send it to you.

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WHOA! I might have erred in the message above. A quick internet search turned up a picture of the front cover of a Wizard tiller owner's manual, and the picture shown does NOT resemble any Gilson tiller I've ever seen. It looks more like a product from Quick manufacturing. However, a little more searching indicates that several different companies might have made tillers for Western Auto.

If you can find a model number, the three letters (like GIS or AYP)will help identify the manufacturer, then maybe you can get more info.

Sorry that I jumped the gun in my first response.

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Take a look at this owner's manual that is offered for sale. It's for a Quick tiller, but might be the same as your wizard.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quick tiller manual

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Twelvegauge, thanks for the response, you are correct about it being a Gilson. After I made my original post, I did an internet search of the model number and discovered that. I will do as you said to check the fluid this weekend. The tiller was made in 1970 but looks as if it's only a few years old, I'm just wanting to make sure it stays in good shape for as long as possible. Thanks again.

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Baylor, thanks for the feedback. Now I know that at least some of Western Auto Wizard tillers were made by Gilson.

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Most of the early ones were Gilson. I have had two, one a gear model and still use a chain drive model from 1971. They both work well with a top grade 140 weight gear oil.

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I just picked up an old Western Auto Wizard tiller that belonged to my Great Uncle. It is a belt-drive model w/ reverse. It runs great, but I have leaking seals on both sides of the transmission. I have looked at a manual on-line, but don't really see how to get the shaft/tines off to replace the seals?

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I have a Wizard front tine tiller (model:GIS7060A17). I've been trying to locate the spiral gear for this tiller and have had no luck. just wondering if any body could help. I know it is a gilson product(Toro),Called Toro, they directed me to a dealer. no help. and I've searched my brians out on google. Need help Please!

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I know this is an old post but...Does anyone happen to have an manual for a GIS7060 tiller? Found this old beast in the back of the old chicken coop at my parents. They bought it in the late 80s and it probably hasn't been ran since then either, maybe early 90s.

Replaced the points, cleaned up the carb, sed bulb, and the tank and she runs good.

Would be nice to find a belt diagram and part numbers for the belts.



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I saw a manual at the address below but I did not download and open it. I am slow to download some info on my main computer vs my test machine (to avoid any corruptions, Etc..

Is the belt one that you feel can not be matched at your Local Auto or Small Engine Shop?

Good Luck!


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It appears that there are 3 different belts, 1 of which maybe a different size. I have one belt (not sure if original) and it is shredded.

Hmm yeah i will have to fire up an emulator to pull that down...free toolbars...uck come people! :-D

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This is what I have been able to find so far.

Belt diagram http://db.tt/gdx67z1Z
Belt part # http://db.tt/5qEcyxyc

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