Stupid wheelbarrow wheel problem. :(

magnoliasouthMarch 17, 2012

Okay, so my wheelbarrow tire once again went flat. I'm sick of flat tires and replacing them so I decided to get a flat free tire. I bought the right size and everything. So far so good.

I sit down to put it on and realized (oddly, for the first time) that the pin which goes through the wheel (the old wheel) and attaches to the wheelbarrow via bolts, will not come out of the old wheel. It simply will not budge.

This is an ancient wheelbarrow that I bought at a yard sale. I had never noticed that it was a stationary pin before.

So now I'm at a loss on what to do. I don't even know what that pin is even called, so I can search for a replacement. Can you even get a replacement? I saw some axle replacement kits, but they either are only the bolts or are conversion kits, which I don't want.

If so where would I get it? Lowe's doesn't have them or so they say. Same for Home Depot.

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Never mind. I did manage to get that pin off. I guess it was just so old and rusty, it was trying to pretend to be stationary. lol!

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Shooot It!! Then, Please send a link or Pic showing the problem. I c/n believe that this is not a large bolt and nut job. loger

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