Simplicity sno blower:

rustyj14(W/PA)March 14, 2010

OK-where's the guy from New Castle, PA, who wanted to come get the Simplicity snow thrower, when the snow was hip deep on a giraffe??!

He can come now-the snow is gone! Contact Rusty Jones, here! Or Email him!

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Somebody yanking on your chain?

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Yes, and they really yanked it this morning! I went out to go to the auto parts store, got into the Buick, inserted the key, and BINGO--No start! Somebody stole all of the power from the battery!
So, down to the garage, to get the tools, and the trickle charger and all. hooked up the charger, and got a light on inside! HAH! Checked every thing i could--all seems ok. Batty is 2 years old, is coming up gradually. Turned off inside dome light-have to wait for several more hours, for more trickling.
Was out Sat. nite, to Annual Firemens Ball, and might of left the dome on. Note: Only 2 glasses of liquid refreshment all evening! All of 3 hours there. Plus coffee! Stuff happens, ya know?!

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re: Simplicity snow blower, and battery: The man came today and got the blower--drove from Harrisburg, Pa. Nice man! Friendly and congenial, and gave me a nice tip! No, not a tip on the horses!
The battery--came back up to good. been using it this week, and working ok. WHEW!!
Sold my extra leaf blower today--folks down the road gave it to me as a freebie. Fellow also wants a push mower, powered. must get them out of storage! Grass is greening up, moles have ate the back yard, full of holes!
Got my Toro-wheel horse out and running. nice warm day-good for outside work. Have two electric mowers, an electric weed wacker, but no charger for it. They are available. ( a garbage find!) And, time to haul the winters junk collection in to scrap yard! Got a bunch of stripped out push mowers, and an old C-man stripped tractor to go, too. Won't get rich, but will get the Boss-lady off my back!

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