Craftsman garden tractor transmission issue

ctpuritanJanuary 27, 2011

Just had another 20 inches dumped on us. I was plowing with my craftsman GS6500 garden tractor 6 speed tranny and I can't shift the transmission it is stuck in reverse. No neutral no forward. I checked the linkage and all is well. I notice there is a safety switch that depresses when in reverse. Would this keep me from having neutral and forward gears if it has gone bad

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Post the full technical model number of the tractor (usually located under the tilting seat on the body panel). This number is what you need to view an online manual.
I doubt the switch you refer to would be at fault as the tranny is not electrically controlled.
The switch you refer to is likely part of the "NO MOW IN REVERSE" interlock system.

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Model # is 917.27691. I have a breakdown of the tranny. It is A peerless model P820-040. I need to figure how to move it so I can get it out of the middle of the yard.

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You are missing a digit in your model #. ( 9 numbers ) Are you saying that the linkage is moving and actuating the lever on the transmission fine, but no matter where it is- it only pulls in reverse? Or that the linkage won't move either?

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The number I gave is the complete Model #. The tranny is stuck in reverse. You can move the shift lever to the neutral detent but are not in Neutral. You can not move the lever into any of the six forward speeds .I took the linkage apart, Their are two ball and socket units. They appeared to be fine, no bindage. I relubed everything with no change. I am leaning towards the shifter at the top of the tranny as a possible problem. Looking for feedback from more experienced folks.

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bill_kapaun lists either-
917.276910 or 917.276911

The 1st has the Kohler SV735-0012 (Courage) engine and the 2nd has the CV730-0044 (Command) engine.

They both have the same transaxle.

You can get the OM at

You can get the trans manual from

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Good call from Mr you should hang out here more kapaun . Sears does drop a digit every now and then. Assuming that you have input from the belt to the trans, meaning the belt is turning the pulley- it would seem it would be internal. Ther would be an outside chance that the detent ball could be stuck down into the fork assy. They can make it a very dificult shift anyways. Look at the IPL. The ball is reference 20. If you remove the allen screw, the spring and a small magnet may pull out the ball. Then try to shift. The bad news is- you must either remove the body and fuel tank or the transaxle to do this on yours.

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To remove the tractor from the middle of the yard, just remove the tranny drive belt and it'll free wheel.

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larso1(So. CO Zone 5)

If the clutch still works, can't you just start it and back it into the garage?

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Thanks to Bill Kapuan for the model info and the link to the tranny Manual. I printed out the manual. Yesterday I went a local tractor repair place. The fellow felt that it was the neutral detent pin or tab which was broken. This would not allow me to move from the reverse fork to the forward speed fork. He picked up the tractor. I dropped off the tranny service manual and a parts # breakdown that I already had today. Lets hope for the best. I will post again when the problem is fixed. thanks to every one for their feedback

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Just wanted to update everyone on my tranny problem. It turned out that the problem was with the shift linkage binding. Even though I got on my back and greased and lubed everthing in sight the shop was able to partially disassemble the linkage and found two points that were binding. It turned out to be an easy fix.

We have had record snow totals for the month of january approaching 7 feet. Twice I ran out of space pushing snow. Fortunately I have great neighbors with large tractors who moved snow for me. My wife saw me busting my hump at 4 a.m. and suggested that I get a bigger tractor. Two nights ago I dropped the hammer on a Mahindra compact with FEL. It will be in next week. We will have one snowfall before it arrives and I will use my GT to plow for the last time. I want to thank folks for their feedback.

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Ihave a craftsman GT. 917.273070 I had to take the 6 speedw/ hi&low transaxle apart . When I seperated the halves the shifting & some gears came out .Not seeing there possition I can't put them back in. Does anyone have or know where to get repair manual or picture of the inside of 184956 craftsman tran. The parts manual or sears parts direct but allthey show is the oarts breakdown & you can't tell how everything goes & if you try to use it the parts wouln't work.

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