steerin problems

ken506January 16, 2014

I have a sears riding tractor model # 917276022. my front wheels do not line up. in otherwords one wheel is straight and the other is cockeyed. pointed out. as the tie rod has no adjustment, I can't bring the wheel in to line up straight. the spindle arms are solid and welded. I am stumped of what to do. tie rod is straight and not bent. with both wheels lined up, the tie rod will not connect. I sure could use some help . thank you

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If the tie rod isn't bent it's possible the axle is bent or one of the steering arms on one spindle or the other is bent.

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The spindles on this model are configured in such a way that it is possible to "twist" the king pin portion (part of spindle that goes up into the axle end) below where the steering arms are welded onto the spindles.
It happens when a wheel is run into a substantial object.
If you have a very keen eye you might be able to detect which spindle is bent by closely examining each spindle to see if you can detect any crack lines in the painted finish on the spindles.
I would not bet on being able to see the twist, but you might.

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The easiest place to spot an axle which as been tweaked back is from the side. Compare the two sides and many times you will see one twisted back on the bottom from hitting something with one wheel. It is possible that both are from punching a large solid object w/ both. The spindle pin area is close to perpendicular as a reference.

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replaced both spindles and that cured the problem. to be honest, compared the old ones to the new ones and if they were twisted(must have been) you couldn't see it with the naked eye. but you guys were right and i appreciate the help

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Thanks for updating.

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