Second New Husky chain saw won't start. Better brand to buy?

wertach zone 7-B SCMarch 18, 2013

I bought a new Husky 440 chain saw Sat. I couldn't get it to start.

New gas and oil mix.

I took it back and they gave me another one because they couldn't get it started either.

The second one won't start. I called Husky C.S. because I thought I may be screwing up something on my side. They said that it seemed that I was doing it right and to take it back and get another one. Or take it for service, NOT!

Just for a test, I put some of the gas/oil mixture in my weed eater and it ran fine. So it isn't the gas/oil mix.

I'm going to return it tomorrow, get a refund and buy a different brand.

Husky used to be a good brand, not anymore. My less than 2 year old Husky lawn mower is in the shop now with transmission problems. Under warranty thank goodness.

Is Stihl still a good brand or other suggestions?

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Certain models seems to be initially hard starting 440 maybe one.. I don't like the start switch setup, supposeable when you pull the choke out it flips the switch to the start mood. I guessing it probably was flooded. I would Try it again in the morning but only push the primer bulb once twice at most, choke on, two pull then choke off. two pulls see if that does anything.

If you can get it to run I'm sure you will be satified with the preformance. But sounds like you are determined to take it back and I don't blame you. Nothing more aggrevating to get something new and it don't work.

I've got 345 and it will slice right through oak with little effort. It has never been hard starting, never boggs, and easy on gas. with the forced air induction system sounds like it's turbo charged.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

It wasn't flooded I pulled the spark plug and it has no spark. And yes it's going back!

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wertach zone 7-B SC

I bought a Stihl at lunch time. $50 more for the same comparable size. But the warranty is better so I don't need the extended warranty making it almost the same price.

I told him about the Husky and he smiled. He said I have had a lot of customers come in with the same story lately.

He asked if I wanted to check it out before I bought it. I said sure! They filled it with gas and chain oil, I pulled it once and it started.

I can't wait to get it home and cut some wood!

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