A metal cutting chop saw off its base can save you lots of torch

loger_gwMarch 17, 2014

A metal cutting chop saw off its base can save you lots of torching and grinding to get clean cuts. Attached is a utility trailer we quartered and added a ft to the width and length (to haul a Zero Turn Dixion Mower).

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RobertâÂÂs Bright Yellow 5âÂÂX7â Trailer behind his original 72 VW has ramps to load the mower and it holds good loads of firewood. The base is 2âÂÂX 3/16 angle at least with railing possibly 1.5â X 3/16âÂÂ. The original design in the 70s/80s was to match the VWâÂÂs wheel base with VW spindles for utility work (until the Zero Turn Mower came and needed a wider/longer ride). ItâÂÂs working well relate to cutting 10 acres of Real Estate properties (mainly open acres/lots) and delivering needed repair materials.

I have begged him not to go above the 18â side rails with seasoned firewood (even local). Plus, I learned to avoid the Liability Projects.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

I use cut off blade in skill saw works good my first blade came packet with other blades. Cuts off welds real good of coarse blade want do corners if on inside, but welds on out side work great.

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Hello after a while and good info Gator! The 14â dia X 1/8â on the chop sawâÂÂs motor runs rings around the skill sawâÂÂs use on depth and power IMO on my experiment. I saved used wheels (too small) for skill saw use and decided I d/n want my skill saw in the grit LOL. These old tools have blood connected to them.

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Gator: My Makita Chop Saw is my best tool for cutting Pallet Planks (found as planks only as starter wood). Then 2-4â dia trimmings cut to 4-6â away from home and re-cut with a 10â Carbide blade for use. Plus, cutting concrete stress cracks (off the base with a concrete blade). The 1984 purchase has paid its cost many times. It saved my 1968 1 HP Craftsman Skill Saw from a 2nd rebuild. The gearing has really saved the saw.

Cutting tons of small 2-4â dia Oak/Pecan/Mesquite (BBQ/Firewood) turned out to be too dusty on a band saw inside (as planned). It was too much dust pulled in my sawâÂÂs motor (affecting it) and on me. On better weather days the chop saw is the better saw, outside with less resistance and dust. I Am Still Learning!!!

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This is a better job attached for the Chop Saw outside vs a Band Saw inside.

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