Winter projects?

tomplumJanuary 22, 2014

I've seen in both the tool and mower forums posts looking forward to spring. How's everyone holding there own here? Shop wise, I'm brushing up on my welding skills and redesigning some tools. You?

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larso1(So. CO Zone 5)

Too cold to do much right now in my garage. But my '74 850 Norton Commando is waiting for me to get the primary chaincase reassembled and then the head with carbs and exhaust, and then... kick 'er over for the first ride in a few years. About time! Here is what she'll look like when I'm done... again. I mean, it is British.... :)

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Ah, a Snorton' Norton. My bil had one back in the day. Always was a welcome sight wherever it went.

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Just keeping warm and waiting for the sping thaw. Was amused to see that the Governor of Ohio declared an emergency due to shortage of Propane gas here. Coincidently I got my winter fill up today and asked the driver about the shortage. "What shortage?"

Maybe our Gov. has been reading the "Gov. Christie handbook." What he did was "waive" certain CDL rules allowing drivers to drive longer or more miles in order to bring in Propane. I thought CDL rules came from the ICC and states can't change Federal laws? Also, glad he's taking care of us by allowing the folks driving the big propane tankers to drive more and longer than usual...:-)

Silly season in January?


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Dry walling 101 and painting within the guest house . Nothing like renovations in the winter to pass time rather quickly , Rebuilt my Meyers Plow Pump in November , rebuilt my Son,s Quad transmission in December . Downside lost my 14 yr old faithful Hunting Buddy (Chocolate Lab ) had to put him down last week . As for Norton had a 69 Combat Commando in my Teens was a Rocket in the Day . Well have a few Oil Changes for the Weekend on the Truck and Car in the Garage , routine stuff lol . Come on Winter Olympics !

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Politics and home renovations- both seem to come with a higher price tag than anticipated!

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Buried wife in August, bought newer truck in September, hibernating until spring, burying wife's bro in several days, Got snow up to our knees, bitter cold here, i stay in my warm house. Did buy a nice C-man tractor from a friend. Might part it out. Making plans for Spring. Watching lots of TV, I go Bluegrassin every Tuesday nite, and learned how to cook basic foods.
Aside from that, i dream about tractors most nights. At age 90, I'd hardly dream about anything else! Come on, Spring! RJ

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My winter projects? Make a big pot of chili. Make a big pot of beans. Then eat 'em.

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