Building your own cordless tools

123ranrieglerMarch 8, 2013

Hello everybody . i'm a gardener in israel and i make my own cordless tools. i find much interest in my hobby that is also part of my work . the only problem is that i just didn't find another gardener in the whole world that makes his own power tools. i would be very happy if i can find another gardener that will share with me the interest the hard work and the advantages. mean time i replaced the motor of my trimmer that was long pole echo hedge trimmer, i replaced its motor with a 150 gram brush-less motor that moves the blades at 6000 cust a minute instead of 3500 and works really great already a cuple of years . also i made a cordless blower from an edf rc jet unit that does a good work. with cordless tools i can work with out inhaling 2 stroke smoke all day and most important i don't make noise so i can work in unusual hours like early in the morning or between 2 and 4, that way i can turn a wasted hour in to a working hour without interfering the costumers. there are cordless tools in the market but don't work good enough , i n a gardeners work every minute is money and work must go fast. today the only expensive part is the battery but prices of battery cells will only go down

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Your story sounds interesting. I'm assuming the photo shows the cutting head of the trimmer. What kind of batteries do you use?
I've been fixing lawn equipment for about 20 years. After i retired, i sat around, bored, until i got into lawn equipment.
do you make the head parts, or adapt them from something else?
Also, while sitting here thinking about your work, do you use motorcycle batteries, in a carrier on your shoulder, or back? Seems like the way to go. Rusty J.

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