One 'two stroke oil' for everything???

gyozu(7 Winston-Salem, NC)March 7, 2010

I am trying to cut down on having to throw out mixed two stroke gas that does not get used. Also just want to simplify things in general.

I have an older mantis tiller that takes 2.6 oz of 50:1 two stroke oil/gallon (One of the original models)

A Ryobi 780 weedwhacker / brushcutter that takes 32:1 mix (from around 1993)

An Echo 315 chainsaw that takes a 20:1 mix (From the late 80's)

What sort of problems would I see if I tried to run everything on 20:1 mix.

The other thing is to figure out how to do 1 quart and 1 pint mixes, but I am afraid I could run into mix ratio problems without using labratory equiptment to measure it out.

Anyone have any thoughts??

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canguy(British Columbia)

I suggest 50:1 for most air cooled engines. The 20:1 and 32:1 were necessary years ago but oil technology has really improved. You don't need laboratory equipment to measure it out, just put the required amount of gas in the can at the pump and pour in the recommended amount of oil. I will be marked on the side of the bottle or use the full amount if the size recommended for your container.

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For the last couple of years i've ran all my 2cycle engines at 50:1 ratio. That includes chainsws, weedeaters, blowers and a two cycle tiller. They seem to run cleaner and cooler. I use the Mobil oil which i'm told they no longer make. I bought three cases from an auto parts store about two years ago. I have one one gallon container for all my equipment.

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masiman(z7 VA)

Agree with the above. The older oil is sometimes called "dino oil". There was much less processing of the oil back then and it did not lubricate as well as it does now, hence the more oil needed.

You'd be better off going to the lower ratio's with the newer oils. Your old equipment should not have any problems, although there are many debates over it. However your newer equipment will likely have problems with too much oil.

That Mobil 2T was apparently some really good stuff. Alot of folks were driving around looking for and buying the last stocks of it a year or two ago.

I was using Stihl synthetic but have now gone to Klotz. It was I think slightly cheaper in bulk than Stihl. And it smells good.

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I started using Stihl 50.1 mix in all of my equipment a couple of years ago and have not had any problems. I have an old chain saw that called for a 16.1 mix and it runs fine on the 50.1 mix.

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Mas: Brings back memories "Klotz" Racing Caster Oil was what I used predominately back in the 70 's & 80's while Racing Snowmobiles , heck didn't realize they still Sold the Oil Products anymore . Probably since I dropped out of the Racing Loop Yrs ago lol . As far as the Older Saws , Mowers and Cutters , I have successfully used 50:1 on most of my current 2-Stroke Equipment other than a few Oldies which were 32:1 and 16:1 on these Units I use 40:1 over the Past 10-12 yrs with no problems . Plug coloration is fine and units Idle and Run full out with no problems. I know of a few buddies who ran into some problems but they were utilizing TCW-3 Marine Rated Oil in Air-Cooled Engines which apparently just did not cut the Temperature Extreme Grade . I agree with all above Posters that with the New Oil Technology the Op should be covered .

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35 years ago, all of the 2 cycle engines ran great on: A half-pint of oil to a gallon of gasoline! Was easy to remember!

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That Old School Technology works for me Rusty !

P.S. Temperture going up to 57 F up North here Geesh whats up with that ?

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