Stihl MS 261 or MS 362

danobattMarch 22, 2011

I have a MS 170 and a MS 660 Magnum and I'm looking for an intermediate saw in a professional grade. I'm stuck on Stihl with my local dealers. Is there a distinctive difference between the 261 and 362 when it comes to reliability? I'm not necessarily looking for a felling saw. It would be primarily used for hardwood.

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Both Pro Grade I have a MS 260 a few yrs old and a MS 361 just over a yrs old . The 361 or 362 are much better on larger hardwood felling and bucking applications . The 260 and current 261 are very capable also for a 50 cc class saw , I would venture to say probably world class . If you are only cutting 12" to 20 " Maple / Birch then the 261 is more than enough . If you are routinely cutting larger then the 60 cc saw is a must . You can't go wrong with either Model they are excellent choices . If I were to make a final note of advice it would be for a 261 over the 260 and just opposite for the 361 over the newer 362 Model , based on better performance . I have ran all the saws to determine this comparitive performance trend . Good Luck Bro !

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I'd go with the 261 based on it being lighter and not that far behind a 361-362 in cutting speed. You have a 660 for the big stuff. Steve

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I just bought a MS 261. I picked them both up and it was a "no brainer", the weight of the MS 261 was the tipping point for me. Thanks guys.

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Dan: I 'm glad you picked the MS-261 it has to be pound for pound the Best Saw on the Market today . My Son's buddies father purchased one last mth and you are right it is hands down a better unit than my 260 and that's an accomplishment . Ensure to use premium syn oil and you will have yrs of faithful service . The weight was not what floored me rather the additional torgue this saw provides over my yr old 260 . Oh well perhaps I will have to upgrade in a few yrs lol .

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