Problem with sidehill tilling

dmullen(Southern CA)March 16, 2011

My old Craftsman tiller with a Briggs engine will only till on level ground or when tilling up and downhill.

When tilling sideways in the garden, the engine starves and dies. It will restart after a wait but will then starve for gas again. It runs perfectly when tilling up and down the slight grade.

The garden is on a gentle downslope (drops about 2 ft in 30 feet)and it used to till in any direction.

I have removed and cleaned the carb but that did not help. Am I missing something when doing this?


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there standpipe attached to bottom of the carb. going down into the fuel tank called the pick up tube also has last chance filter metal mesh screen at the bottom, clean it while you in there. It maybe cracked not sucking fuel from the bottom of the tank. you can also check out the diaphram while you have the carb. off the tank. If this is the type I think it all works off vacuum pressure and has diaphram that pulls fuel up to the carb. from the piston movment.You may find somthing.

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dmullen(Southern CA)

That is the type of carb on this machine and I will take it apart again and also replace that tube.

Thanks for the help.

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