Troy-Bilt or Mantis?

ZoeCat17March 23, 2012

I'm in the market for an electric tiller for a few reasons: I don't want to fiddle around with a gasoline engine and the associated maintenance(our mower and trimmer are both electric too); I won't be using it for huge expanses; and I'm 5'2" so I don't want a pull start and I do want something I can easily manage (as opposed to the tiller managing me).

I'll be using this mostly to work in compost in existing beds, but I'll also be creating some new beds along the edge of the lawn (though the soil is pretty soft and the grass isn't dense sod).

In the $200-$350 range it looks like the Troy-Bilt and Mantis get good reviews.

Any recommendations or trade-offs between the two? Are there other brands I should be looking at?


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I have never owned an electric tiller, I do however own a mantis gas tiller. Two things I would be thinking about is to be sure you have a good extension cord and get a tiller that the tines are ease to remove or clean. The biggest complaint I have about my Mantis is roots balling up around the tines. Mantis sells a tool to clean the times, but it looks like one could be made very easily.

I would say get the one that feels right to you, I doubt you would use one long enough to wear it out. I also think it would be nice to have 2 or 3 speeds. My Mantis is the only one of my 3 tillers that I use other than full throttle, but that is not very often.


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IMHO, I"d go with the Mantis, think they have a much better reputation than the "new" Troy bilt. Certainly parts and service are more readily avaailable.

Attached a link from Amazon with 90 something reviews. As usual for Amazon, you can subtract about 20 of the reviews as the people obviously don't have a clue what they bought or what they should be doing with it. :-)

Good luck,


Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon Mantis Reviews

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I have a Mantis I got used off Craigs-list several years ago for $125. Starts easy and runs great, but be warned that you really need to hold on to this thing. If it hits some hard soil, it starts to bounce around. Other than that, I like it. A larger tiller would probably be better for my use, but I prefer the Mantis because it takes up so little space in the shed.

You should consider borrowing one to try it out to see if you can handle it. I burn through a tank and a half of gas tilling my garden, and feel like I got a good workout when I'm done, and I'm much bigger than you. (6'1") That said, for the application you describe it does seem like the right machine.

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I have mantis elect. tiller. IT IS GREAT! No gas, 3 speeds, powerful, no noise, no carb to plug up. Remember this is small tiller it's not going to break dirt like big rear tine 18" plus 8HP gas tiller will. It is good for flower beds, raised garden plots, and dirt that's not enbeded with weeds and thick rooted grass. IMO just as or more powerful than the gas small tillers like mantis and troy-built flyweight tillers.

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