Lt4000 Spark plug

lt4000January 26, 2013

Hi i have a craftsman lt4000 with a briggs and stratton model # 28n707. i recently broke the spark plug when tightening it back in and researched and found that the replacement is spark plug "rc12yc" (had to research because ceramic broke into tiny little pieces and couldnt see number on that plug) i picked up one of these plugs and compared it to the threads on the one i broke. the threads on the new one are considerably longer and i dont wanna put it in my engine and completely destroy it. i researched more and everything ive found still says plug rc12yc so i was wondering if anyone could help.

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Yes one of us could help, but since you never provided any feedback from your previous post (when requested), it won't be me.

Here is a link that might be useful: previous post

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if the threaded area of the original sparkplug was considerably shorter than the correct replacement, chances are the original sparkplug was the wrong type. Sparkplugs designed for the flathead engines have a short threaded area and someone probably grabbed the wrong one.

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i had posted days before on this and apparantly this did not go through either. yes that was the problem and it did solve it. i put the new plug in and cranked the engine by hand to make sure the plug wasnt hitting then fired it up and it ran perfectly.

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Wow Bill the OP appologized twice for his tardyness lighten up a little lol.

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