Plant looks like cilantro, but doesn't smell like cilantro

privetteDecember 29, 2013

I have several cilantro plants that I grew from seeds. My cilantro hasn't bolted yet. But this plant is growing around them. I did sow more cilantro seeds once the first seeds started to grow, but this plants doesn't look alike. I smelled the leaves and it doesn't have a distinctive smell. After crushing some leaves between my fingers I noticed a subtle mint smell, not strong enough.
I am new gardener and I forgot to put a sign where the seeds were placed. I have sowed mixed lettuce, cilantro, peppers, spinach and recao (wild cilantro). The only ones that hasn't sprout are peppers and recao. I know very well the recao plant and it doesn't look like this one. Neither looks like lettuce or spinach or pepper.
Is it a weed?
Thanks in advance!

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jekeesl (south-central Arkansas)(7b)

Looks like Wild Chervil (Chaerophyllum procumbens).

Here is a link that might be useful: Wild Chervil

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They look like Dog Fennel seedlings.

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It does look similar to them but I think it is a weed...

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