Pole saws

mdguy440March 29, 2011

I have to replace a pole saw that was destroyed by my good friend, anyway the one that was destroyed was a Remington 10inch 8AMP and I wanted to find out if anyone out there has used the Black & Decker 18 Volt battery model. Does it have the power and do the batteries hold up? Thanks for any words of wisdom.

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I do have that saw (NPP2018) and have no problems with it. I bought it last year to trim my numerous oaks/palm trees. Battery life is acceptable.

I would buy it again.

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dmullen(Southern CA)

I would look at one that had a standard battery of some kind if they are available.

Over the years, I have thrown away too many electric tools with dead batteries. The batteries can cost more than replacing the tool.

Now, I just buy corded or gasoline powered tools.

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I have the remington elect. IMO the only way you can destory it are" drop it from 20 feet up the ladder, get it pinched on limb too big for the saw and try to twist it out, Continue to use the saw without sharpen the chain, failure keep the chain tension tight, or loan it out to neighbors.

Opp's I forgot this one! do like my Neighbor leave it out in the in the weather for year (not covered up just laying in the yard) and wonder why it don't work?

I also agree you will spend more on batteries than new elect. pole saw.

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I agree that a Remington is hard to destroy under normal and above normal conditions. They will get some abuse in many cases w/o trying or meaning to abuse them. I have repaired a number of electric saws that w/h cost too much to have them repaired. Please give a summary of the destroyed saw unless a large limb fell directly onto the saw's housing.

I like good lasting power through a complete job. Batteries are safer on some jobs but many w/n allow you to complete a job with good power and last for years. loger

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Large tree limb fell on the saw crushing it

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If your good friend was a good friend he would of replaced the saw he neglected to get out of the road when the large tree limb landed on it. Course you wouldn't want to tell him replace it beings you value his freendship by not requesting it. He would done that on his own if he was good Friend and valued your friendship IMO. I guess it's just me, I would of it.

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If you have a maintenance background and maintain your power tool, "You Know It's Not A Good Idea To Loan Them". Even To My Best Friends!! Knowing their emergency needs and Etc I have had to go along with a few tools I have loaned. Some people d/n respect tool and equipment and feel you can treat them anyway. It is an insult for someone to ask to borrow common tools that I know will be worn and need servicing or parts replaced. I have no problem refusing to loan a common tool. The seldom used tools are different and We'll use it when I have time. I might get in that line myself. LOL. Loger

I just sharpened 2 chainsaw's chains. The gas one should have been replaced vs sharpened. The electric saw's chain was on backward and fairly sharp. Not operating a business, I will usually refuse to help on neglected tools/equipment/etc if I feel it w/n an accident vs knowing better.

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