Sensation self-propeled Mower

shortlid(Derry, NH)March 19, 2008

I have a older commercial Sensation mower with a 187cc Briggs enhine on it. It is rear wheel drive and has a aluminum deck. Can parts still be found for this unit? It is built very well and I would like to keep it running.

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nevada_walrus(Boulder City)

Never say never but good luck. Sensation has been out of business for about 20 years. They were stout machines and areas that had dealers for them sold many to commercial users. The guy I worked for when starting in this business sold them and about half of his commercial users had them, the rest had Snappers. They just never got the wide spread dealer support to stay in business.

Bobcat made a similar mower, designed by the same guy, but drive was different. Bunton also had one similar but I believe both of those had a reverse PTO off the engine and the rest of the drive was a bit different. The Bobcat was a true 21" while the Sensation was more like Snapper that is called a 21" but really 20 1/2". Sensation and Snapper blades will interchange as long as you replace the blade adaptor with it.

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shortlid(Derry, NH)

Thanks for the reply especialy the Snapper blade interchange. I am gussing I can get parts for the B&S vertical 4 hp all day long it is just the hard parts for the drive and mower that are hard to get!

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nevada_walrus(Boulder City)

The drive in particular because other then the blade which can be substituted there isn't much else you'll need. Unless it had some extensive comercial use that wore out the tires. Well I guess I forgot the bag. Think you can still get the bag material through some aftermarket sources.

Yeah, we substituted Snapper blades even when the mower was still being made. The Snapper blade draws a lot more air. Also the Sensation adaptor used anti spin nubs that easily broke off. We sold a ton of those adaptor hubs.

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shortlid(Derry, NH)

Well the rear tires are worn to slicks due to heavy use over the years. Drive works well, does not slip. Bag is in great shape!

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shortlid(Derry, NH)

been looking for rear wheels with no luck! Is theer a way to seperate the rubber and replace on the soild rear steel wheels?

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