Compressor advice and help

loves2cook4sixMarch 13, 2014

Hi guys and gals

I am an active member on the house forums and am coming here for some advice.

I've started etching art on glass and use a Paasche AEC air eraser. It needs at least 2.5 cfm at 70 psi continuous pressure to work effectively.

DH lent me a small compressor he had lying around. It's a 2 Gal, max 100 psi unit but it takes forever to get to 70 psi and the second I start using it the pressure starts falling pretty rapidly.

I'd love some recommendations on what to get. What's the difference between a pancake and upright and hot dog commpressor?


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Don't know your budget but get an oil lubed comp rated around 5 cfm. Better to have a little too much and not be waiting for the air to build up. I've found most air powered tools use twice the cfm they're rated at. If DH has a larger comp try his to see how well it works for you and then maybe you can make a judgment of what you need.

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Hello. Same situation here. Found used 80 gallon tank and piped to compressor. Takes some time to fill, but provides all the air needed.

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IMO not big enough air compressor and tank to supply air operated tooling for continual use. Need bigger tank and compressor or limit the continual use of the air tool. You really need as suggested bigger tank that will hold enough air to operate the tools and not cause the compressor to continually to run which will burn up oil less compressors. usually the cheap regulator switch will over heat and melt if the compressor runs for long time cause it pulling all the amps through the regulator swich. How do I know this course I was using cheap too small compressor to operate air tools.

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No matter how big a tank is used if the pump can't supply more than the tool needs the pump will run constantly as long as the tool is run. Yes, there will be a time lag between starting the tool and when the pump starts. If the tool is shut off then the pump will catch up and shut off. When the tool is started again the cycle will start again.

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