Troybuilt tiller

safritsMarch 31, 2010

I have an early 80's Troybuilt tiller with tines in the rear. I need belt for it but don't know what size it is. The serial number is 716310 but I don't know what the model number is. Can anyone help me. Thanks

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Your tiller was made between March-April 1984, Horse III PTO model.Sometimes called a four speed Horse. It has two sets of pulleys but requires only one belt, Troy Bilt part# 9245. Do not substitute. Single belt is moved from one set of pulleys to the other to provide different speeds. With the Fast-Slow speed lever and the two sets of pulleys you have four speeds with the one belt. Ebay is a great source of genuine parts and manuals.Happy tilling. Do yourself a favor and get an operators manual, these machines are very easy to work on, and the manuals are written to make it even easier. REJ2

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safrits, rej2 is correct; the TroyBilt part number is 9245. TroyBilt is now owned by MTD, and I heard varying reports about whether they are providing parts support for the old Gardenway TroyBilts.

As rej2 said, there is only ONE belt used, on either the front set of pulleys or the back set. The front set of pulleys (closest to the engine) yield a tine speed of about 200 RPM, and forward motion is about 40% faster than when the belt is on the low range (back set of pulleys.) In low range, tine speed is about 146 RPM.

If you will click on "My Page" after my name in the heading of this reply and send me an email, I will send you some more information. Also, why not sign up to accept email through this forum? I've been here about 10 years, accepting email, and have never been spammed from this site.

It has been my experience that folks who post a problem on the day they sign up with the forum usually don't find their way back, or at least never respond. If you've lost track of the web site, here's the address to the page, but you will get this message ONLY if you elected to have responses emailed to you directly from GardenWeb.

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