John Deere 445 fuel problems

jtmiller13January 16, 2012

I have a 1999 JD 445 with a Kalwasaki 22 hp fuel injected engine. As long as we pour gas into the carburetor it will run until the gas burns up. All the sensors have been checked as well as the fuses. We also replaced the fuel pump. When we remove the hose going from the fuel pump into the carburetor and try to start it, gas comes out of the line. I read on this forum where there were problems with a fule line in the fuel tank. If this were the problem would I get gas coming out the other end of the fuel pump? We also checked the pressure on the new fuel pump which was OK.

Does anyone have any answers? Thanks

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I'd try another temporary fuel tank first, to eliminate any questions about if it will run or not. If it runs, say for ten minutes with the auxiliary tank, then it will eliminate problems with the carb. Next thing i'd check is the breather hole in the gas cap. In fact, i'd do that first, then the aux. tank.
Next would be to do a thorough cleaning of the tank, for a floater, or sinking floater, that might have found its way into the tank.
See if the fuel pump does pump fuel thru itself-that is-see if it works, by cranking the engine with the plug wire off, and the pump outlet hose off its nipple on the carb. Just be careful, watch for squirting gas, as it will ignite fast! Don't burn yer house or garage down! Safety is king in this situation! I tender these suggestions with the assumption that you know the dangers of escaping gasoline, and its affinity of igniting from the careless cigarette in somebody's hand! Or mouth! (Sheesh!!)
All safety precautions must be followed!
HTH: Rusty J.

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Ehhhhh. Check the bypass hose on the fuel pump. If you take the tank cap off and turn on the key and you hear fuel splashing, you have a bypass hose failure. It's a hose about 1.5 inches long on the pump assembly that gets a crack in it. THE FUEL MUST BE PRESSURIZED FOR THE TRACTOR TO RUN. If you lose pressure at this point the engine will not run. Replace with 1.5 inches of 5/16 fuel line from TSC and replace the pump under the seat. Happy mowing

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