What is the avg wt or size of a stick of your seasoned firewood

loger_gwMarch 16, 2014

1. What is the avg wt or size of a stick of your seasoned firewood and type? My back c/n keep up with my past oak and pecan woodâÂÂs wt this season. IâÂÂm headed for rehab this week to try and get my back pain under control. Usually walking 2 mi, 5 wk days along with other work kept me in good shape. Not this winter due to my past 4 mi walks during bad weather were stopped in the Mall (by my vertigo and outside has been limited in the cold).

2. I felt the need and reduced my log approx 12-15lbs seasoned one yr by splitting to quarters or halves (plus cut some of these in half before burning if my body dictates). These sizes w/n hold good coals overnight, plus I had to give up full back-sticks that would due to wt. I almost need to split my wood more listening to my back and arms (stacking green and burning seasoned). Some wood I see for sale seems split excessively small (approx 4â dia vs my 6â if I quarter a 12â dia log or split 8â dia in half).

3. I know my fireplace is less efficient vs a stove. My un-insinuated steel exposed back, 9 stainless 2â tubers (opened to the back), 7 above and 2 below the fire, glass doors and damper helps gain and control some efficiency.

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I am learning to like 8-12â section of wood vs storing them. I can burn 30â wood and will store some that long (saving time at the moment). Then cut some wood 8-12â section/blocks as I move it from stack to patio (with electric saws cuts only). Exercise/Heat is my goal!

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A load of my Short Economy Idling Wood to Keep The Coals Going and Chill Off.

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