? about gas stabilizer

hogan_njMarch 9, 2010

I do not even know if this is the right forum to ask this question but here it goes. I had a brain fart the other day and mixed stabilizer at a rate 5x the amount listed on the directions. I was trying to mix the 2 cycle oil with the gas but put in stabilizer instead. My question is can this gas still be used in my lawn mower or do I need to get rid of it?

Another question is how long can you keep gas stabilizer before it becomes ineffective, I mean the stabilizer itself not when mixed with gas?

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I'm assuming this is Sta-bil, seems to be the most popular brand. It won't hurt anything. I would try a quarter tank in the mower to see if it runs ok, if yes fill up the rest of the way, if no then add straight gas to dilute. One or 2 oz per gal I believe is the recommended rate so that would be 8% tops. Mower may run funky but no damage.

Shelf life on stabalizer is about 2 years.

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Pour some of the mixture into your car tank and then refill your mower can..

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I had someone a few years back that added stabil like you would 2 cycle oil until the carb was pink inside overtime. Finally, the carb plugged and I couldn't save it. I'd take popcornhill's advise myself. Put it in the proper amount of gas so no damage is done to the car.

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