Ryobi vs. Craftsman 10" B. Drill Press - Which One is Mo' Bett

cactusmcharrisMarch 12, 2013

The Ryobi bench drill press (from Home Depot) for $129 or the same size Craftsman (from Sears) for $199 - does anyone have any advice on this? I don't mind spending the extra money if the Craftsman is indeed better. I'll be spending most of the time on the press putting holes into ovenware/fired clay pots, with a secondary use of drilling holes into wood / steel. If the Craftsman is built in the USA I'd buy it unhesitatingly.

Thanks for your views.


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In lawn equipments like trimmers, a few Ryobi and Craftsment are the same except of the cosmetics. Take a close look at the two, maybe they are the same.

Craftsman is not exact a good brand, it's just marketing, Sears. In fact, Sears Kenmore appliances were very good, Few years ago, when I remodeled my kitchen, I forgo fancy brands and got all Kenmore appliances.....Fridge, stove, dish washer and washer & dryer. Except the dryer, EVERYTHING BROKE DOWN. The fridge don't make ice, no cool water. One of the heating element in the stove stop working, it's a ceramic cook top, not as easy to change. The dish washer got clogged once, the cloths washer broke a part inside..........They are NOTHING like 20 years ago. Am I regretting buying Kenmore. They used to be so good, they lasted a long time......not any more.

My Ryobi cordless tool survived my abuse where Dewalt failed miserably. They survived earthquake retrofit three houses where the Dewalt all burned after just one!!! You get my drift?

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If all I wanted was cheap table top model for once is while use I would just get one from harbor freight at half that price $69 bucks or so, probably the same thing anyway.

If I needed drill press I would just get floor model, even cheap floor model IMO better than table top one due to the bigger chuck, motor and drilling platform and length of drilling capability...

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I second getting floor model. I bought a Craftsman table top, I regret it from day one.........not because of Craftsman, it just does not have the power. If it takes up space, might as well have one strong enough. The table top is just weaker, it get stuck, walk.......just not good enough.

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Even used floor models are quite expensive. I think plenty of people can easily do with a table top unit. I imagine force and power are not greatly involved in drilling ceramics. If it were me, I would look for a used table top on craigslist. It probably isn't broken, just been replaced by someone getting a floor model. By the way, I have both.

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Depending on how light duty you are using it. I use it occasionally, I had to bolt it down on the work bench to make it work good enough. I so wish I had bought a floor drill. You never know what you will use it in the future, I bought a smaller table press, now I can't justify spending money for a floor one. To me, that is much worst than spending a bit more money to do it right the first time.

BTW, I don't think Craftsman are made in US. They just use other brands and label Craftsman on it and charge more. Their mower is nothing more than Troybilt, Ryobi relabeled. To me, Craftsman is third rated stuff. Sad part is I am speaking as the owner of almost a complete set of Craftsman tools. My drill press, bench saw and auto tools are all Craftsman.

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Cactus, go take a look at the Craftsman, and make note of the 3-digit number that is before the model number. It will be something like 316.xxxxxx - the x's representing the model number. Then google "Sears Manufacturing Codes" to get a list of the numbers that reveal the actual manufacturer of the product. If the number of the Craftsman drill press happens to be 316, that would indicate that Ryobi was the manufacturer. That would NOT necessarily mean that the Craftsman and the Ryobi are identical, but they might be. Keep in mind that Sears doesn't actually manufacture anything. I have two Delta drill presses - a floor model and a table top. To tell the truth, I use the 10" table top the most, but sometimes need the greater capacity of the floor model.

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