Rototiller i.d.

dpudsyMarch 25, 2010

Hey there,

Can anyone identify the make of this tiller?

Tiller plate: serial 09914 G

Motor: Briggs & Stratton Model: 92502 Type 0174 01

Code: 6509272

The lower end I.D. number in the cast is 78FF311, my current goal is to change the axle seals but am a loss as to how they are removed. This tiller is very old, I can e-mail pics to you if you think you can help.

I would like to identify this tiller to find a manual on it.



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canguy(British Columbia)

Yup it is old. The engine was built Sept 27, 1965 so it will be a 66 model. Prolly made before you LOL. You might have trouble removing the tine assemblies, they are likely frozen to the shaft. If you do get them off, carefully remove the old seals and take them to a bearing house, they may be able to match them. Forget finding a manual for that old timer.

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I got the tines off rather easily, how do the seals come off? I tried to remove the lower end from the tiller but the drive pully is "frozen" to the shaft, tonight I poured penetrating oil on it.

The seals have me confused how the come off>>> Do you know the maker of this tiller?

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Need a lot more info. I have tillers that date to that era. But there were at least three types. Are you dealing with a front or rear tine tiller? worm, gear, or chain drive. Most rear tines of that era were by Troybilt, Ariens, McKissic. There were lots of front tine tillers, but Merry and Snapper had most of the chain drives. Simplicity made a good worm drive, Gilson made worm drives, a large number of them store brands like Western Auto and Montgomery Ward.

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Thank you for replying,

My tiller is a (four)rear tine, belt driven type with a 1" dia axle. The lower end is a solid casting. I need to figure out how the right (when in front facing the machine) axle side comes apart. Any other info just ask and I will try to accomodate as best as I can. I can email a couple pics if it would help.

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canguy(British Columbia)

You should not need to strip the case to replace tine shaft seals.

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