Lifan Generator experience

stan_in_bama(z7 AL)March 8, 2012

A poster asked for experiences with Chinese gensets, and the (very long) thread turned into China-bashing. Not what the OP wanted.

Last year,on April 28th, I got a Lifan 5600 watt set from a major distributor of outdoor equipment, shipped to me on credit. I couldn't get it to run. It acted like it couldn't get fuel. I tried to get the air filter off and squirt some fuel in the carb, but the sheet metal case was in the way. Design problem. The distributor got me the number of Lifan's head engineer, and we determined the "test fuel" hadn't been drained. Fixed that, disconnected the dead battery, and jumpered in a hot one from the mower. Cranked it up, plugged in the freezers, plugged in a charger, and put the dead battery on that. Away we go.

Time to refuel. Shut it down, fueled it, dead battery. Swapped 'em around, and off we go again. Repeat for six days.

I figured out there was a parasitic load on the battery, even with the genset off.

I called the distributor, who called Lifan, and they were told, "We're real busy in Kansas right now".

Hmmm. I was fortunate to get help the first time, but I wonder if somebody without the connection I had would've gotten help. Let's face it, the most likely time you need a genset is after hours.

But, the second time, I went through channels, and they blew me off. And they blew the distributor off several times. Remember, I got it on credit, and I wasn't going to pay for it if it didn't work. The distributor TRIED to get me another unit, but couldn't.

I shipped it back after a month.

That's my experience. Yours may differ.

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I bought a Chinese knock-off a couple years ago - ETQ 72K12, for a place in FL. I bought it thru Amazon, great price and free shipping. I didn't fire it up, but did put oil in the spark plug hole and pulled the cord a few times. I got a call while on the road, our development was without power. I told my neighbor to into my place and take my new generator, put oil and gas in it and use it. He used it for about 6 days - and bought it from me. He loves it. So I think it is a crap shoot, sometimes we win, sometimes we loose. Would I do it again - in a nanno second. Ron

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