Hortico order just arrived...

bethnorcal9April 16, 2014

As I was getting ready to leave for work this morning, the UPS guy stopped out front. I knew it had to be the Hortico order, because I don't have anything else outstanding, roses or otherwise. Was surprised to see the box had been opened (for inspection) and not very well re-taped shut. Opened it up expecting to see a bundle of dried up dead plants. Was pleasantly surprised to find the roses very well packed with plenty of moist shredded paper wrapped around the roots. The stems looked good and already have swollen budeyes. To me, that's the most important thing. No swollen budeyes this time of yr... no thriving rose bush. I quickly popped them into a bucket of water to soak til I get home tonight and can pot them up. Hopefully they will do well and be the roses they are supposed to be!!

I got BARBRA STREISAND, LITTLE DARLING, SCARLET RIPPLE (each of those replacements for dead ones), and then MOJAVE and EVELYN MAE. I love the pics of EM on HMF, so am anxious to see her bloom.

I'm just glad they all arrived in good condition. I was just thinking yesterday that if they didn't arrive soon, I was going to have to cancel the order, because it's beginning to get too warm to do bareroots.

I hope everyone else has gotten or is getting their Hortico orders soon. It will be interesting to compare our results over the coming season. I've never really had a whole lot of problems with them, but the last few batches have all had at least one mis-marked rose, so I'm hoping that doesn't end up being the case again this yr!!

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So far I believe five roses from an order of 35 from Hortico were mislabeled and I am very angry because it is a lot of work to dig them up and replace them. I just removed another rose from our floribunda garden that was not what it was supposed to be and there is at least one more to go. And I should also say that they have a lot of unusual varieties some of which I got and who knows what they should actually look like. The biggest mistake I have ever made with roses is ordering from Hortico.

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Beth - I received my Hortico order yesterday, also. Frederic Mistral, Alec's Red and Peter Mayle. They look healthy, but compared to Palatine, big difference. Mine looked like it had been opened too, but they were well packed. I was wondering how much difference overall the plant size makes? I was expecting them to be on the small side, so that wasn't a surprise. However, the International fees I was charged totaled around $14.00, they were less than a $1.00 each on Palatine and Pickering orders.

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poorbutroserich(Nashville 7a)

Still waiting on Hortico. What a HORRIBLE place to do business. I only ordered because I couldn't find the roses I wanted anywhere else.
Palatine roses are HUGE. Pickerings were lousy this year. Have one Chandos Beauty that is dead. The rest were pretty pitiful.
I will let you know if I get an order....

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