Echo GT225 Trimmer

david2725March 28, 2010

Just bought this trimmer - having trouble keeping the cutter lines in the head. One or both often fly out when I accelerate the engine. I'm using the supply of lines included with the trimmer. They seem secure when I put them in - can't be pulled out by hand. Anyone have a similar problem?

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canguy(British Columbia)

Cheap line will do that. You might try removing the springs and pawls, they may be clogged with grass.

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This started right out of the box - first time I tried to use it. You would think Echo would provide decent line. Guess I'll try some other/better brand.


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If this is virtually new get the dealer to exchange this head for the more conventional type or buy one. I think the head you have is a good idea but in practice is more trouble than it is worth. The advantage is that you don't have to wind line around a spool (always a pain) but unless you are doing this every other day it is not that problematic.

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