weedeater featherlite problems

greasemonkeyjmjMarch 20, 2008

i have a year old weedeater brand featherlite trimmer. i tried to use it the first time this year and it doesnt want to run.it will run on partial choke,also it will run perfect if you hold it upside down, but turn it upright and it will quit running. i figured it had a pinhole in a fuel line so i replaced them both,also i soaked the carb and went ahead and installed a carb kit, but neither of those things help. i tried a new primer bulb just in case also. this is one of the new carbs that is non adjustable. any help will be appreciated.

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I assume your Weedeater is an FL26 or similar. Also assume you have removed muffler and screen and cleaned any carbon build up. Excessive carbon will produce similar symptoms as lean carb mixture, such as low power, poor acceleration, and overheating.

These have Chinese made Zama carburetors. They are set up to run very lean to meet EPA and CARB emissions requirements. Plus EPA requires carb to be unadjustable by end user to retain lean burn calibration.

Both low and high speed jets are recessed and have splines but no slot or other means of adjustment. A special tool is used to make adjustments. Dealers are not even supposed to sell these tools to general public, but you can sometimes find for sale on Ebay.

You might be able to turn the jet with a needle-nose pliers. Try adjusting the high speed jet out 1/8 turn (this is jet nearest aircleaner). This should provide enough enrichment.

If that doesn't help, your next step is to have a tech look at it.

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Thanks so much for the tip!!!
I have an FL25 that has worked great for 9 years until a couple weeks ago, tore it apart and cleaned it but couldn't find anything wrong and assumed it was the carb but didn't know how to adjust it. It would start and run for about two minutes then get hot, lose power, not idle, and not start again until it cooled off. I couldn't get to the idle adjustment with pliers, so i cut the soft metal shroud around the screws with a Dremel cut off blade, easy to do. Now it runs perfectly, and i was about to blow another 100$ on a new one tomorrow.
Thanks again.

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Newbie here. Any advice would be most appreciated.
FL26 - 4PWE8.0254 TK (06:25) I have TWO problems now. # 1. The half-choke, only runs for a minute, cannot keep it running. Followed hints here: New fuel filter, plug, then... I attacked the muffler cleaning idea; but, my muffler is "sealed" - doesn't come apart. Looks clean tho'

Problem # 2. Took it all apart and it won't go back together b/c the flex shaft won't go back into the shaft. So, I knocked off the tight-fit head end which was a mistake! Even with the head off, the shaft will NOT go back in far enough to re-attach the housing & engine.

Need to find instructions on the shaft & re-assembly.

Am I permitted to swear on these Forums :)

Thanks in advance!


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where do yo find a carbureter adjustment tool

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The "D" , Splined and Pac-Man design tools are the most prevelent and are avilable on Ebay . Just Search carb adjustment tools .

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